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Trusted by the world’s biggest brands

  • Allison + Partners
  • Ketchum
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  • Allison + Partners
  • Ketchum
  • Omnicom Public Relations Group
  • Bose

Tagger’s got you covered

Our all-in-one SaaS solution allows marketers to execute and uplevel every step of the marketing process.

We make your marketing team’s life easy. From data-informed market research, to discovering, hiring, and paying high-value creators, to analyzing campaigns for future success.

  • Signals

    Research with Signals

    With Signals, we're always paying attention. Analyze social content, posts, and profile data to build your marketing strategies; research industry trends, establish achievable campaign benchmarks, access your competitors’ performance metrics, and monitor and report on campaign metrics in real time.

    Learn more about Signals
  • Discovery

    Find the Perfect Creators

    Quickly filter through our extensive aggregated creator profiles across multiple platforms, use thousands of filter combinations to effectively identify creators, find influencers with an interest in your brand, and leverage creators to build an authentic relationship with their audience.

    Learn more about Discovery
  • Sync

    Curate Brand Ambassadors with Sync

    Catch the eye's of creators with our custom landing page builder. Attract, qualify, capture and vet prospective creators for ambassador programs, content collaboration, and influencer marketing campaigns.

    Learn more about Sync
  • Management Tools

    Campaign and Project Management

    Onboard creators, approve content, message, and collaborate in real time. Monitor your creators to see what step they’re at in the campaign process, and build out your dashboard just the way you like it with our modular campaign workflow.

    Learn more about Campaigns
  • Measure Your Success. Every Step of the Way.

    Track and generate custom, accurate, and real-time reports across all platforms to obtain key insights, measure metrics, & report your ROI.

    Learn more about Reports
  • Make Any Day Payday with Funds

    Send payments directly to Creators from anywhere, at any time, in any currency.

    Learn more about Funds

Why choose tagger?

We’ve designed the Tagger platform to be so intuitive and easy to use, you can practically build your marketing campaigns with your eyes closed (although we don’t recommend it).

With Tagger’s global presence the sun never sets on your customer success team.

We provide a dedicated customer success manager to you and your team to help get you up and running fast. Need help at 3AM? We’ve got you covered with Tagger’s worldwide customer support.

Are you a creator?

Gain access to Tagger’s Creator Portal and start collaborating with brand’s you love.

We Crunch The Numbers. You Get Results.

Tagger offers the most powerful influencer marketing tool in the industry: serving up robust, accurate data so you can make informed, strategic decisions across all of your influencer marketing campaigns.

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