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Hispanic Heritage Month: How Hispanic Creators are Influencing the Social Media Space

Hispanic Heritage Month: How Hispanic Creators are Influencing the Social Media Space Image

It’s Hispanic heritage month in the United States, a time when the nation publicly recognizes the histories, achievements, and contributions of the Hispanic community. Social media has been one of the main platforms for people to share stories that celebrate and amplify Hispanic voices, and it’s easy to see the significant impact that Hispanic influencers have on American culture.

According to reports, Hispanic creators are greatly increasing their share of voice in the social media landscape. More and more Hispanic influencers are joining the conversation online, sharing their personal experiences and cultivating thriving communities on social. Those communities are in turn purchasing more products from brands that partner with Hispanic influencers, especially when content is shared in the audience’s native language.

With regard to partnering with Hispanic creators in the United States, it’s extremely important that marketers understand that Hispanic influencers are particularly loyal to the brands they partner with. As such, they’re very selective, only working with brands who align with their values, message, and even language (for example, posting content in both Spanish and English). Because of this emphasis on authenticity and genuine affinity, the ROI of these partnerships tends to be higher because the content resonates more deeply with Hispanic audiences, instilling a sense of loyalty and moving them to action.

The influencer marketing industry is reflecting the high potential ROI that Hispanic creators can offer; from 2015 to 2021 sponsored post prices charged by Hispanic influencers rose 1,365% from $146 to $2,139, on average. The bottom line? Brands who wish to see greater ROI in their influencer marketing campaigns need to be including Hispanic influencers in the conversation.

It’s very clear that social media is an extremely accessible and effective platform for Hispanic people to share their stories in a way that creates authentic connection with others in their communities. It also shines a light on the Hispanic experience for any Americans who may not otherwise have been exposed to their vibrant culture and history.

Only positive growth can come from people sharing their stories with the world; Hispanic Heritage month presents us with an opportunity to learn more about and invest in the Hispanic community.

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