10 Dad-Influencers to follow this Father’s Day

Grace Donelson

16 Jun 2021 · 3 min read


Whether you are a new or experienced father, parenting can be an exciting and crazy experience. Luckily, “Dad-fluencers” are sharing their trials and tribulations with parenting on social media, creating online communities with their audiences. Not only are these influencers providing relatable and informational content to other parents, but they are also working with brands and cultivating partnerships online.

Using the Tagger Platform’s affinity, engagement, and growth metrics, we found these 10 ‘Dad-fluencers’ to follow this Father’s Day

  1. Jason Dunnigan (@the_modern_dad) - With over 60 sponsored mentions, dad Jason Dunnigan has partnerships with a range of brands. From larger corporations like Walmart and 7-Eleven to some more niche brands like ArmorAll and Saucony, Dunnigan has established long-term relationships with all of these brands. His influencer marketing strategy stands out with high engagement rates boosted even more by giveaways. Dunnigan’s engagement rates are hovering in the 2-3% range, steady for a mid-tier influencer of his size (33.4k). His other platforms are showing more growth as Dunnigan’s Instagram grows, with his Twitter still in the 400s but his Facebook climbing above 1.5k.
  2. Robert Douglas (@this_father_life) - In recent months, filmmaker and Father Robert Douglas’ engagement rates are not only increasing to 3%, but his sponsored brand mentions show his activity and potential for future increased engagement. Douglas has partnered with Impact, Youtube, Marvel and Disney, among many others. Considering his account has more than doubled since 2020, Douglas’ growth looks as though it will continue.
  3. Dad and Buried (@dadandburied) - Between his Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, Mike Julianelle has transformed his “Dad and Buried” social media accounts into a steady influencer presence. Since January 2020 his Instagram has skyrocketed to a growth rate of 11%, with his IG engagement rate rising from 1% to 2.5%. His activity working with brands is fairly high profile, with 72 sponsored mentions including brands such as Netflix, ChapStick, Minecraft, and Macy’s.
  4. Christopher Lewis (@dadofdivas) - Blogger, father of two girls, and host of the podcast “Dads with Daughters,” Christopher Lewis’ social media presence marks a community of positivity and discussion about fatherhood in all forms. Between his social media and podcasting platforms, Lewis’ has participated in multiple brand partnerships with companies such as Mattress Firm, McDonald’s and Husqvarna. Many of these are long-term partnerships, marking over 10 posts with certain brands. His influencer activity has prompted growth, seen on his Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.
  5. Trystan Reese (@biffandi) - Sharing his experiences as a trans man through love, pregnancy, and parenthood, Trystan Reese’s social media presence is that of an impactful influencer and inspiring activist. With nearly 500 brand mentions, his sponsored mentions ring in at 48 featuring collaborations with Uppababy, CVS, and iD Tech.
  6. Daily Davidsons (@tjdavidsonfilms) - Filmmaker TJ Davidson shares his family’s day-to-day and more with a robust Instagram and Youtube profile. His Instagram engagement rates and Youtube metrics are impressive, featuring a nearly 10% engagement on carousel posts, and an overall Instagram engagement rate of 5%. Davidson’s youtube has a median count of 21k views, with their highest view count reaching nearly 1million views. While their youtube has a bigger presence than their Instagram, Davidson’s Instagram still features 30 sponsored brand collaborations with big names. Disney, Dove, and Walmart are among some of the Instagram brand collabs, but the family’s Youtube is full of even more partnerships, featuring kids toy brands, camera equipment, and beauty supplies.
  7. Terrell & Jarius (@terrell.and.jarius) - Couple and fathers to their two children, Terrell and Jarius Joseph use their platform to share their lives and normalize LGBTQ+ parenting. The couple has actively growing accounts on multiple platforms and their activity has inspired high engagement levels. Branded sponsorships feature big companies such as Amazon, Walmart, and Nickelodeon but the couple also features local brands from their Atlanta, GA community like American Threads and Kroger.
  8. That Dad Blog (@thatdadblog) - With 6 kids under his belt, Alan Lawrence shares all the ups and downs of raising his family. With Instagram engagement rates hovering around 3%, Lawrence’s growth on the app is growing by almost 30k followers in the last 3 months. With youtube receiving a median of around 1,000 views per video, Lawrence’s video content is doing well on all platforms.
  9. OneGoodDad (@thejasongreene) - As a stay-at-home dad of 4, Jason Greene’s blog and subsequent social media profiles under the name OneGoodDad have gained traction in the parenting-influencer community recently. Greene’s partnerships include Laffy Taffy, Nintendo, and over 80 other brands.
  10. Tom Cox (@unlikelydad) - With an engagement rate of nearly 5%, it’s no surprise that Tom Cox’s account has grown by nearly 5k in the past 4 months. Cox’s 200+ branded mentions feature almost 80 sponsored posts including Amazon and Smartie’s Candy.

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