10 EdTech Companies Growing Online Audiences with Influencer Marketing

Grace Donelson

12 Apr 2021 · 3 min read


No matter one’s level of formal education, no one ever really stops learning, especially when it comes to advancing their career. With innovations in the Education Technology industry, it's now easier than ever to learn without traditional schooling's cost or commitment. As the number of online students continues to grow, so does the industry teaching them. According to Holon IQ, the Education Tech industry is currently valued at $6 Trillion, but by 2025, it is expected to reach $8T.

The growth in the EdTech industry has also been reflected on social media. Not only are brands sharing what can be accomplished through their technology, but influencers and students alike are also sharing their success. With online learning on the rise, expect to see even more growth on these brands’ social media pages over time.

Using the Tagger platform, we found these 10 Education Tech companies that have grown online audiences with influencer marketing.

  1. Udemy (@udemy) - With 44 sponsored mentions from individual customers, Udemy’s foray into influencer marketing has already shown effectiveness and potential for further growth. Over the last six months, the education tech company has gained around 300k, boosting its Instagram profile from 1.3M to 1.6M followers. Beyond collaborations with influencer mentions, much of Udemy’s content features interactive prompts encouraging engagement and customer success stories, typically from Influencers and online creators who can then collaborate in their post.
  2. Coursera (@coursera) - Leading with the motto, #LearnWithoutLimits, Coursera has expanded online learning to offer courses from Universities and companies worldwide. The brand has experienced a significant boost throughout the pandemic as more people had the time to invest in furthering their education. Customer satisfaction stories litter the brand’s content on Instagram, featuring proud students with their course certificates in nearly every picture. This organic partnership with users goes beyond their already present efforts in sponsored mentions and has ultimately resulted in their most engaging posts.
  3. Duolingo (@duolingo) - The free language-education app has grown by over 60k in the past 6 months, aided by their influencer partnerships and interactive content. Their interactive content on the brand’s Instagram includes efforts to make more relatable meme content and conversation-starters that effectively increase engagement and audience loyalty. Some of these engagement-grabbing posts have reached as high as a 40% engagement rate on the brand’s Instagram.
  4. General Assembly (@generalassembly) - A steady audience growth rate isn’t the only impressive statistic from General Assembly’s social media strategy, also showing high engagement rates among their content. Some tactics contributing to this progress include their efforts to participate in sponsored content and promote General Assembly’s different offers. Reposting customer experiences on their IG stories and offering “Free Fridays,” where customers can try free courses are just some of these helpful boosts.
  5. Chegg (@chegg) - Offering a wealth of textbooks and even tutoring options, Chegg is a great resource for students. Sponsored mentions from nearly 40 influencers over the last year are littered in the brand’s profile, and their social media strategy is focused on their biggest audience, college students. With 48% of Chegg Instagram followers in the 17-21 age range, it only makes sense that the majority of these influencer mentions are coming from the same age range.
  6. CreativeLive (@creativelive) - The online learning platform catering towards creatives, CreativeLive not only offers a wealth of courses but has also found new creative uses of their platform following the pandemic. The introduction of CLTV- Creative Live TV- to the brand’s site keeps customers and creatives engaged with CreativeLive’s content 24/7. Some of their partnerships in their courses and social media include Matthew McConnaughey and Jen Sicero. The use of celebrity, micro, and macro-influencer partnerships ensures CreativeLive’s social media strategy reaches a broad audience.
  7. Masterclass (@masterclass) - The streaming platform offering classes from high-profile celebrities and “masters” of their fields, Masterclass’s Instagram audience has grown by 700k since April 2020. With a celebrity teaching most Masterclasses, the platform has a built-in form of influencer marketing that allows them to collaborate with celebrities on the Masterclass platform and social media. As a result, the brand’s Instagram mentions are full of names like Samuel L. Jackson, Gordon Ramsay, and Natalie Portman, whose large followings bring brand awareness and reach.
  8. Quizlet (@quizlet) - Featuring giveaways, memes, and reposts, Quizlet’s social media has been well-catered to their audience based majorly in the 13-17 age range. Judging by their audience growth rate of 5% in the past year, their efforts have been effective. The use of influencers in these tactics is also imperative as much of the driving engagement comes from influencers’ collaborations with Quizlet.
  9. Kajabi (@kajabi) - The one-stop platform that helps users create online courses, market them, and more, Kajabi’s Instagram has more than doubled in the past year, with much of this growth reflected in their influencer marketing tactics. With just under 700 individual mentions, Kajabi’s collaboration with customers and online creators helps further boost the brand and their client’s courses.
  10. Rosetta Stone (@rosettastone) - Since April 2020, the language-learning program has grown from an audience of 30k to one of 50k. This growth is double the 10k growth experienced from 2019-2020. This shows the effect of their influencer marketing, the brand involved in over 200 sponsored mentions.

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