11 Kidfluencers with ‘Growth-Spurts’ of Followers

Grace Donelson

07 Oct 2020 · 3 min read


Despite many parents’ best efforts, children are being introduced to technology and social media earlier than older generations. Whether used as an educational tool or for entertainment purposes, social media can be used safely and responsibly by kids of all ages.

Considering the growing community of kids on social media, the influx of ‘Kidfluencers’ is no surprise. From toy review channels to those creating kid-friendly skits, Kidfluencers currently occupy a significant role in influencer marketing. Collaborations with big brands are common on these accounts and have shown to boost sales of children’s toys and gaming content.

Using the Tagger platform’s affinity, mentions, and growth toggles, we compiled this list of 11 Kidfluencers creating fresh and engaging content. These influencers are some of the most sought-after sponsored content creators and have collaborated with several big brands, contributing to high growth and engagement rates.

  1. EvanTube (@evantubehd) - At 14 years-old, Evan Herdigram creates content ranging from toy and video game reviews to experimenting with food combinations. With the rest of his family on youtube as well as a second channel dedicated to his gaming content, Evan’s youtube pages continue to grow, also boosted by the collaborations he creates with his family.

  2. JillianTube (@jilliantubehd) - EvanTube’s little sister Jillian is a 12-year-old YouTuber posting vlogs, toy reviews, crafts, and many more kinds of videos. Her channel has a consistent growth rate and it’s no wonder considering Jillian’s bubbly, positive energy, and creative videos.

  3. Jillian and Addie (@babyteeth4) - Starring in everything from scary skits to mysteries and short movies, sibling duo Jillian (15) and Addie (12) have made Youtube appearances since before the two could walk. Since then the duo has built a fanbase of 68k followers, a number that keeps growing from their collaborations with Jillian’s solo Youtube channel and sponsored content from the likes of Disney and Zulily.

  4. Jaelynn & Angelina Bader (@badertwins) - Four-year-old identical twins Jaelynn and Angelina’s Instagram account has grown over 11k in the last few months, featuring the twins’ fashion and collaborations with creators like Lele Pons.

  5. Hayley LeBlanc (@hayley.leblanc) - Known by many as one of the three siblings from the Bratayley family vlogging channel, Hayley has since made her solo channel and amassed over 3 million Instagram followers at the age of 12. LeBlanc’s Instagram and youtube channel both have phenomenal growth rates, each growing over 200k followers in 2020 alone.

  6. Jojo Siwa (@itsjojosiwa) - This wouldn’t be a ‘Kidfluencer’ list if we didn’t mention the reigning queen of child vlogging, Jojo Siwa. With humble beginnings at Abby Lee Miller’s dance studio in the reality show “Dance Moms,” Siwa has become an internet mogul with a bustling youtube channel and a musical career taking her on a US tour.

  7. Sparkle (@_callmesparkle) - With over 28k followers and brand partnerships with the likes of Walmart and Cantu Shea Butter, Sparkle is a mini style maven and a social media powerhouse. At only 6 years old, Sparkle’s growing platform and creative fashion content is a no-brainer to follow.

  8. Zooey Miyoshi (@zooeyinthecity) - 8-year-old Zooey splits her time between Tokyo and LA, flexing her fashion taste on followers with daily ‘#OOTD’ posts documenting her Outfit of the Day. Beyond this, Zooey regularly makes sponsored content with brands including Dr. Martens, Toyota, and even Disneyland.

  9. Stella and Blaise (@stellaandblaise) - Posting a new video every single day, Stella (age 9) and Blaise (age 7) have amassed a following of over 60k by sharing their everyday life as well as fun activities with their family. The kids have partnered with brands such as Gap Kids, Payless, and Kidbox among over 100 other brands, surely contributing to their continually growing Youtube and Instagram pages.

  10. Ava Toy Show (@avatoyshow) - Beginning with toy reviews at the age of 3, now 7-year-old Ava Wafer has grown her Youtube channel to over 200k followers. Though her Instagram is only at 1.1k, it has a consistent growth and engagement rate, showing no signs of slowing down as Ava adapts her unboxing videos to fit different platforms including Instagram and Tiktok.

  11. Penelope Juliette (@penelope) - Seen on her family’s youtube account Bramfam, Penelope Juliette’s solo Instagram account has been consistently growing for the past few months. More striking is her engagement rates which reach as high as 16% on some photos.

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