14 Independent Music Artists to Watch

Grace Donelson

09 Sep 2020 · 3 min read


Technology has made music production more accessible than ever before, making the independent music scene a vast and diverse terrain. Whether artists are strictly lyricists or prefer to stick to the instrumental side of music, social platforms have highlighted independent creators, giving their music an opportunity to flourish and go viral.

Announced just last week, Tagger’s new partnership with music distributor UnitedMasters has opened up a wealth of opportunity for brands and emerging musicians alike. UnitedMasters is uniquely skilled in finding independent artists and creators before they're detected by most brands or agencies.

With a growing network of 500k+ artists and creators, Tagger’s partnership with the music distributor has simplified the process for brands and agencies looking to collaborate with these creators. Brands and agencies can now use the Tagger platform to find UM artists aligned with their target audience affinities and strategies.

Using the Tagger platform, we curated a list of UnitedMasters artists who are making waves in the music industry: In addition to making music that connects with their listeners, these artists boast explosive growth rates, brand partnerships, and high engagement rates.

  1. Iman Europe (@imaneurope) - With melodic raps and lyrical harmonies in her music, Europe’s debut album “Nami” landed her on the soundtracks for HBO’s “Insecure” and Netflix’s “Nappily Ever After.” This exposure coupled with the release of Europe’s newest single “Commitment” has boosted her platform, encouraging high growth and engagement rates.
  2. Chaz Marcus (@chazmarcus) - Marcus’ profile has experienced steady growth since the beginning of 2020, accruing over 100k followers in the past 6 months. At only 22, his most recent release “2 Fast,” has over 25k plays on Soundcloud since it’s September 4th release.
  3. Tajh Virgil (@tajhvirgil) - Since the release of his new song and accompanying music video titled “Somebody,” Virgil has experienced over an 80% growth rate on his platforms.
  4. Crystal Caines (@crystalcaines_) - Beginning as a producer for artists including A$AP Ferg and BIA, Caines began her solo career in 2014. Since then, she has established a bold presence in the music industry, releasing her most recent single “Do That Thing” in 2019.
  5. Benjamin Carter (@carterbenjamin) - With a new single and music video “Fragile” released at the end of August, Carter’s music mixes Neo soul and Indie-Pop for an eclectic sound with powerful lyrics. Carter’s profile has grown by over 20% in the past three months.
  6. Cocoa Sarai (@cocoasarai) - Grammy-Award winning artist Sarai’s lyrics are powerful and honest, most recently seen in her new single with accompanying music video “Strange Fame.” Having stated “This is not another protest song, It’s a call to action,” Sarai set up the website StrangeFame.com to point listeners towards ways to fight for Black equity. With her platform at a crossroads for beautiful music and activism, Sarai’s following has grown substantially in past months and is definitely one to follow.
  7. Justin Plaza (@iamjplaza) - With the help of his newest single “Too Fast,” J. Plaza’s following has nearly doubled since the beginning of 2020, with an Instagram boasting 61k followers.
  8. Madalen Duke (@madalenduke) - Her newest single “Born Alone Die Alone” is featured in Netflix’s “The Old Guard,” raking in over 1 million listens within the song’s first month of release. Duke’s unique voice has been boosted by several TV and Movie features as well as her growing fanbase.
  9. BLESSED (@blessedtunes) - BLESSED mixes his talent for guitar with honest and emotive lyrics, with a new single “Something to Believe in” available to pre-save on all streaming platforms.His platform has shown promising growth rates and substantial engagement rates amongst his listeners.
  10. K-Si Yang (@ksi_yang) - Consistently featured in Spotify’s curated playlists such as New Music Fridays and R&B Connect, Yang’s newest album “What do I owe?” was released in early August.
  11. August Rigo (@augmatic) - Though Rigo has writing credits for some of the biggest artists in the industry at the moment- Bieber, BTS, One Direction, and Kehlani to name a few- his solo music is just as much of a standout as his writing. His solo work has been steadily gaining traction as his platforms continue to grow as well.
  12. LoLa Monroe (@iam_queenroe) - Ethiopian-American Rapper and Entrepreneur, Monroe returned to music in 2019 with the single “Blah Blah” followed by 2020’s “Back Back.”
  13. Jay Voss (@jayyvoss) - At only 17 years old, Voss has already amassed nearly 60,000 listeners on Spotify. Since just August 15, his Instagram has experienced a growth rate of nearly 100%. His sold-out merch site and high engagement rates across multiple platforms are evident of his growing fanbase.
  14. Curtis Roach (@curtistootrill) - After going viral on TikTok for his “Bored in the House” song, Roach has increasingly gained traction for his uplifting lyrics, many of which encourage listeners to love themselves and embrace individuality.

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