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15 Beauty Brands Using Influencer Marketing to Grow

Grace Donelson

18 Nov 2020 · 4 min read


The beauty industry is perhaps the most perfectly poised to take advantage of the benefits of influencer marketing. Tutorials, unboxings, try-on hauls, drugstore dupes, and product reviews all present excellent opportunities for brands to promote and display their products. Plus, repetition is recognition; by developing long-term partnerships with trusted influencers, consumers grow to know, like, and trust products they may have otherwise passed over.

Some beauty brands have even shot into the cultural mainstream from complete obscurity through features by content creators and social media marketing strategies (Curious which brand we're talking about? Keep reading!).

We used Tagger’s growth, mentions, and Youtube Metrics toggles, to discover and highlight 15 beauty brands who lean heavily into influencer marketing, successfully leveraging creator partnerships to promote brand awareness and grow across multiple platforms.

  1. Morphe (@morphebrushes) - Boosted by over 750 sponsored mentions, LA-based brush and makeup brand Morphe's social media has experienced positive growth for multiple years. Beyond Instagram, their YouTube Metrics are also impressive, boasting over 100K views on videos featuring celebs and influencers such as Madison Beer and popular influencers Bretman and Nikita Dragun.
  2. Fluide (@fluidebeauty) - Founded just two years ago, Fluide is a vegan, cruelty-free, and paraben-free cosmetics brand designed for all skin shades and gender expressions. The brand’s social media following is notable considering they’ve only been around for two years. With an engagement of 10% on many posts, the brand has experienced an 18% growth increase since January 2020.
  3. Mented Cosmetics (@mentedcosmetics) - Featured on Oprah’s Favorite Things for 2020, Mented Cosmetics creates beauty products to suit all complexions. With nearly 150 sponsored mentions and posts, the brand is active on multiple social media platforms, featuring growth and engagement on all of these accounts.
  4. Kosas (@kosas) - Offering natural beauty products, Kosas’ Instagram has grown by 100K since the beginning of 2020, a percentage increase of over 100%. Over 90 sponsored posts could be part of the reason for this phenomenal growth, but the brand’s skyrocketing engagement rates and interactions with other creators and influencers surely contribute to this growth as well.
  5. ColourPop Cosmetics (@colourpopcosmetics) - LA-based beauty brand ColourPop has nearly 400 sponsored mentions, some of which have a potential reach of over 2 million. The brand also has a substantial following on Youtube- 200k subscribers- where they have regular collaborations with creators such as Trixie Mattel and musician Becky-G.
  6. NOTO Botanics (@noto_botanics) - Gender-fluid, vegan, and cruelty-free makeup line NOTO Botanics features frequent collaborations with influencers and active engagement with audiences. Their platform has seen a growth increase of 43% since the beginning of 2020.
  7. Briogeo (@briogeo) - Briogeo’s clean and texture-specific haircare brand has found its way into the shelves of Sephora and Nordstrom since it’s founding in 2013. With over 2k sponsored mentions on Instagram and over 200k views on multiple YouTube videos, the brand's Instagram account has had a growth of 26% since 2020.
  8. Olive & June (@oliveandjune) - Aimed at providing customers with salon-quality nails at home, Olive & June has taken quarantine by storm. With sponsored mentions, their growth on Instagram has gone from 231k to 350k in the past year. The brand also features a high engagement rate, frequently taking advantage of various platforms as well as platform features such as IGTV.
  9. UOMA Beauty (@uomabeauty) - A cruelty-free beauty brand, UOMA creates boundary-pushing beauty products, aiming to re-write the rules of inclusivity and diversity in the beauty industry. Their Instagram has experienced positive growth in the past few months thanks to brand partnerships- some of which feature a potential reach of over 6 Million.
  10. NARS Cosmetics (@narsissist) - Already a well-established brand in the beauty industry, it’s a wonder that NARS can continue to grow at a consistent positive rate. Some of these efforts to grow can be seen in their 380 sponsored mentions as well as their Youtube metrics. Featuring collaborations with other creators, brand editorial videos, and regular makeup tips, NARS’ Youtube channel has high view-counts with a median nearing 5,000 views.
  11. FRECK BEAUTY (@freck) - With an Instagram platform featuring a growth of nearly 40% over the past year, FRECK's multi-platform content has become a star on social media. Beyond innovative skincare and cosmetics, the brand also has a blog, magazine, podcast, and radio station. Their sponsored posts and extensive information on anything from makeup to movie-editing apps are a draw for all kinds of consumers- not to mention their inclusive and creative makeup products.
  12. MONAT Official (@monatofficial) - With a percentage increase since the beginning of 2020 of over 140% on Instagram alone, MONAT’s other social platforms have experienced growth as well. The brand’s use of influencer marketing through sponsored posts has helped them increase brand awareness on Instagram, but an arguably bigger player in their growth is their Youtube channel. With Youtube Metrics showing regular view counts of over 100k, the platform is a great place for the brand to continue increasing their reach.
  13. HASK (@HASKHair) - Boasting over 150 sponsored posts from influencers, the cruelty-free haircare brand has seen consistent positive growth over the past year. Also garnering brand awareness from its’ name as “Hollywood’s Top Haircare Brand” after becoming the standard for many Hollywood hairstylists, the brand has been mentioned on social media by more than your typical influencer- even Jennifer Lopez has given the company a shoutout.
  14. Glossy Pops (@glossypops) - A 2-in-1 lip gloss and balm combo, Glossy Pops has further expanded since the initial release of their titular product, now offering other lip products such as lip liner and lip stain. The company’s collaborations with beauty influencers have certainly contributed to their steady growth of 120k in the last year, with some posts having a reach of 1.6 million.
  15. Alder New York (@alder_new_york) - A gender-neutral brand for clean, vegan skincare, Alder New York has gained substantial traction since its conception in 2016. Seeing steady positive growth over the last two years, the brand’s use of sponsored influencer posts has helped boost the brand alongside features in beauty publications such as Goop and Byrdie.

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