15 Black-Owned Small Businesses to Support On & Off Social Media

Grace Donelson

03 Feb 2021 · 5 min read


February is Black History Month here in the US and we're celebrating by sharing an actionable way for you to show your support for Black creators and influencers: by following and supporting black-owned businesses on and off social media.

While businesses are continually working to become more inclusive and diverse, as a consumer, buying from black-owned businesses is an excellent, straightforward way to support diversity and inclusion. In the wake of 2020’s major racial equality movement, many black-owned businesses experienced surges of followers and high demand for their products. In the months following, public support has stayed consistent and many brands have been able to grow even more through social media strategy and brand partnerships.

Using the Tagger platform, we found these 15 black-owned small-businesses to support during Black History month, and beyond

  1. Phlemuns (@phlemuns) - Founded by Jason Flemuns, Phlemuns is an LA-based gender-inclusive fashion label working with a slow-fashion approach who has dressed the likes of Lil Nas X, Rico Nasty, and Kelsey Lu. The online brand has an Instagram engagement rate double the benchmark and has grown from 25k to nearly 40k in the past 6 months. With 921 individual mentions including celebrities Lizzo, Kali Uchis, and robot influencer Lil Miquela (who has an in-depth analysis here), Phlemuns’ Instagram is seeing lots of traffic.
  2. GOODEE (@goodeeworld) - Online marketplace offering sustainable and ethical home products, GOODEE was founded by brother duo Byron and Dexter Peart, who also founded the fashion brand WANT Les Essentials. Goodee’s Instagram profile has grown significantly in the last few months of 2020, with a growth rate of 13% since September. Goodee has a lifestyle line along with being a marketplace for other sustainable and ethical design brands. Their marketplace works to uplift marginalized communities, promote circular production, gender advocacy, and poverty reduction. Their home line has recently been brought to Nordstrom and has received coverage from influencers and publications alike.
  3. Pear Nova (@pearnova) - Vegan and cruelty-free, Pear Nova nail polish has landed on Allure Best of Beauty, Essence’s Best of Black Beauty, and Oprah’s Favorite Things. Their product line celebrates all skin tones, and their polish has been featured in several magazines. With over 1k individual mentions on their Instagram, high engagement and traffic ensure that this brand will be one to watch in 2021.
  4. Oyin Handmade (@oyinhandmade) - Oyin is a clean, natural, moisture-rich hair and personal care product line founded by Jamyla Bennu as an alternative to the straightening and relaxing products dominating the natural hair care market. Made from food-grade ingredients, all of Oyin’s products are self-manufactured, and the effort and passion Bennu makes her products with is seen on her social media as well. With nearly 800 individual mentions from actual product users, Oyin’s small-business is growing steadily with a 13% increase since June 2020.
  5. TAYLOR + Tess (@taylorandtess) - Plant-based CBD skincare products for “women, men, neither & both” in the words of owner Tess Taylor. The Dallas-based product line has been featured in Forbes, Buzzfeed, and Nordstrom, and has a high engagement rate on its’ Instagram profile. With innovative and effective products, Taylor’s following keeps up her traffic through the testimonials and reviews posted by actual product users.
  6. Golde (@golde) - Founded in 2017 in a one-bedroom apartment, CEO Trinity Wofford has grown the wellness brand to over 100k followers on Instagram, and even has their product line in Target supermarkets. Golde is a community-driven brand, raising over $10,000 for the NAACP Legal Defense Fund in just 72 hours in June 2020. Golde’s activism, engagement, and community emphasis reflect in the brand’s 9% growth rate, high engagement rate, and 3.5k mentions.
  7. Lolly Lolly Ceramics (@lollylollyceramics) - At nearly 100k followers, Handmade ceramic shop Lilly Lilly has experienced phenomenal growth over the past year. Founded by Lalese Stamps, the company has high audience engagement, likely due to the fact the brand’s popular mugs are always sold out, prompting users to keep up with restock notifications and drop dates.
  8. Brandon Blackwood New York (@brandonblackwoodnyc) - The luxury purse line behind the top-selling “END SYSTEMIC RACISM” purse worn by Kim Kardashian, Brandon Blackwood’s designs are timeless as they are innovative. Featured in Vogue, ELLE, and Forbes among other publications, Blackwood’s brand has grown from 28k to 239k in the past year. With versatile designs for a wide range of audiences and a phenomenal social media strategy, we can expect to see more of Blackwood in 2021.
  9. YOWIE (@helloyowie) - Creative platform, shop & design studio founded by Shannon Maldonado, Yowie is focused on curating small collections from friends, independent artists, and designers. Featured in Domino Mag, HypeBae, Vice, and other publications, YOWIE’s following has more than doubled in the past year, growing from 17k to 46k.
  10. The Honey Pot Co. (@thehoneypotco) - The first plant-derived feminine care system on the market, The Honey Pot Company was founded by Bea Dixon. Dixon’s commitment to menstrual wellness has led to the initiative to donate feminine products to underserved communities. The Honey Pot Co.’s Instagram features female wellness information, interviews with fans of the brand, and regular check-ins with followers. Likely as a result of these high-engagement posts, The Honey Pot Co.’s page has more than doubled from 151k to 384k in the past year.
  11. Myae Made (@myaemade) - Since launching her label on Depop, Mia Joseph, founder and designer behind Myae Made, has moved her shop to her own site and grown her social media extensively. Celebrities like SZA, Kali Uchis, and Jorja Smith sport her designs and have promoted them on Instagram. By using Instagram to inform followers about new drops and re-stocks for her clothes, Joseph has boosted her engagement rate, likely relating to her growing follower base as well.
  12. Beneath Your Mask (@beneathyourmask) - Created by Dana Jackson, skin, hair, and body care line Beneath Your Mask was featured in Allure’s Best of Beauty list in 2019 and 2020. The brand’s Instagram has over a 5% engagement rate and has grown from 6k to over 25k in the past 6 months.
  13. Alodia Hair Care (@alodiahaircare) - Launched in 2017, Alodia’s clean scalp and hair care line has consistently grown ever since. With a Blog, Haircare Quiz, and more on the website and social media, Alodia’s audience engagement is high. Looking out on 2021, the brand has recently been featured online by Oprah, Impact, and Glossier, coverage which will only continue to boost Alodia’s social media presence.
  14. BeautyStat Cosmetics (@beautystat) - A skincare line founded by Chemist Ron Robinson, BeautyStat is dedicated to providing customers with high-quality products, earning Allure and Harper Bazaar’s Best Vitamin C Serum award. With nearly 115k followers on Instagram, BeautyStat’s page has grown by over 15% in the past year. With many names to vouch for the brand such as Wendy Williams and Oprah Winfrey, BeautyStat’s steady growth is expected to increase as the brand continues developing and launching new products.
  15. The Lip Bar (@thelipbar) - The Lip Bar was founded by Melissa Butler in response to the lack of inclusivity, clean products, and diversity in the beauty industry. At one point rejected on ABC’s Shark Tank, Butler’s product line has since made to Target’s shelves, and in publications like ELLE, Marie Claire, and Ebony. With 279k followers and growing on the brand’s Instagram, this growth will likely continue with the help of over 6k individual mentions.

To learn more about the Black Lives Matter Movement and to see a list of resources and organizations that can help, please click here.

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