15 Eco-Friendly Fashion Brands Seeing Success with Influencer Marketing

Grace Donelson

06 Jan 2021 · 4 min read


Though fast fashion certainly has conveniences for consumers, recent years have seen a turn towards more eco-consciousness in the fashion industry. Consumers are willing to spend more on clothing and accessories that are made responsibly, and the fashion world is responding accordingly. Brands are becoming increasingly mindful of their impact on the environment, pushing towards less waste and lower-impact production methods.

Eco-conscious brands have turned to influencer marketing to promote their products along with their ethos. With the use of influencer collaborations, brands are regularly offering discount codes and seeing active promotion with fashion influencers. With these regular collaborations, brands have also been more active and received engagement online as 2020 came to a close, the brands promoting Black Friday and holiday sales. It's clear from the numbers: people like to feel good about where they spend their money.

With many resources at their fingertips, brands still continue to turn to influencers for active engagement with their target audience, getting right to the heart of their consumers with social media marketing. Through the Tagger platform’s growth, mentions, and engagement toggles, we have found 15 eco-friendly fashion brands seeing success with influencer marketing.

  1. Rothy’s (@rothys) - Innovator of washable woven shoes made from recycled plastic, Rothy’s partnerships with influencers have helped promote their ever-expanding product line, featuring promotions of their laptop cases, new shoe designs, and purses on influencers’ recent posts. The brand’s growth has not slowed down in recent months, actually growing by over 50k in the last six months of 2020.
  2. Everlane (@everlane) - Transparently priced and ethically-made, Everlane’s social media has seen growth in multiple factors including a larger following, higher engagement, and more sponsored mentions in the final month of 2020. Much of this higher engagement can be seen on posts promoting the brand’s Black Friday, Holiday, and End of Year sales with engagement spiking to over 10,000 on sale-specified posts.
  3. Summersalt (@summersalt) - Offering designer-quality swimwear and basics for women, Summersalt’s influencer marketing efforts have been seen in their use of influencer codes. Featured on sponsored posts with influencers, these codes correspond to higher engagement rates and higher activity when compared with influencers’ sponsored posts sans coupon code. Summersalt’s sponsored mentions have seen a spike in December 2020 coupled with their steady platform growth.
  4. Pact (@wearpact) - Between carbon-offset shipping, thoughtful packaging to minimize plastic usage, and of course the brand’s sustainably sourced clothing items, Pact’s sustainably and ethically made clothing is only the beginning of their efforts to be more eco-friendly. The brand’s interaction with its audience is not only seen in sponsored posts and influencer codes but also in regular giveaways of eco-conscious goodies. Giveaway posts have seen higher engagement on the brand’s profile,
  5. Allbirds (@allbirds) - With efforts to reduce their carbon footprint through offsetting it, Allbirds is well on their way to producing their shoes and clothing without emitting any carbon in the first place. The brand works with all different kinds of influencers, from fashion influencer Brittany Xavier to plantfluencer Nick Cutsumptas, and even some features from ‘dogfluencer’ Boobie Billie. Their wide range of partnerships has certainly boosted their brand awareness and reach, with some of their sponsored posts having reaches of over 200,000.
  6. MUD Jeans (@mudjeans) - If their commitment to sustainably-sourced denim wasn’t enough of a selling point for consumers, MUD Jeans also offers leasing options for its’ clothing items and has adopted principles of a circular economy, reducing their carbon footprint. The brand regularly partners with influencers, reposting their photos showing off the brand’s denim. These posts generally have higher engagement and coincide with growth spikes.
  7. CHNGE (@chnge) - With sustainable fabrics and fair trade production, CHNGE offers consumers carbon neutral clothing with a greater purpose in the sense 50% of the brand’s net profits have been donated to a wide variety of philanthropies. Nearly 3.4k mentions boost their profile, with some having a potential reach of 9 million.
  8. Girlfriend Collective (@girlfriend) - The activewear brand embracing body positivity and promoting sustainability has also seen major growth on its Instagram page in recent months. Though already experiencing high engagement rates on their posts, their page sees spikes in engagement on their giveaway announcements and major holiday sales. With an upcoming maternity line, the brand’s growth will likely spike even more.
  9. OhSevenDays (@ohsevendays) - Slow fashion made from up-cycled/surplus fabric, Oh Seven Days’ platform has doubled in the past 5 months. With regular sponsored posts with fashion influencers, the brand’s collaborations regularly have engagement as high as the 40,000s.
  10. Automic Gold (@automicgold) - Size inclusive, unisex everyday fine jewelry Automic gold is a queer-owned company with a budding social media following. With their sponsored mentions averaging around 50,000 engagements, the brand’s phenomenal growth over the past year has been boosted along the way with these collaborations.
  11. Fair Indigo (@fairindigo) - Offering timeless organic cotton clothing, Fair Indigo’s ‘fairly’ humble Instagram following is on its’ way to bigger audiences, with the brand-boosting growth through influencer collaborations and featured posts in holiday gift guides. With an 8% growth rate, the brand is looking at future growth in engagement and audience size.
  12. Proclaim (@wearproclaim) - Inclusive nude lingerie line, Proclaim is engaging with audiences through regular pre-order announcements and giveaways. With a notably high engagement rate on its page, the brand has more than doubled since June 2020. Their activity is highlighted with mentions from influencers and regular features in magazines such as Glamour, Elle, and Self.
  13. Subrina Heyink Vintage - While many brands are producing eco-friendly products, plenty of consumers also turn to vintage clothing for eco-friendly options. Subrina Heyink Vintage curates designer vintage pieces, promoting them through Instagram and specifically using the Story feature to promote sales. A major spike in June has grown the brand’s Instagram page, with a growth increase of 64%.
  14. For Days (@for___days) - Gaining notoriety for being the first closed-loop fashion brand, For Days has a phenomenal engagement rate with steady growth on their Instagram. Multiple collaborative giveaways this holiday season have boosted brand awareness on Instagram, resulting in gained followers with each post.
  15. Reformation (@reformation) - With over 250 sponsored mentions, Reformation has actively and effectively worked with influencers to increase brand awareness and social engagement. Collaborations with influencers and celebrities alike, the brand is not short on influencer marketing, reflected in their consistent growth.

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