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15 Fitness Influencers Working With Health Brands

Grace Donelson

30 Sep 2021 · 4 min read


Using our Signals social listening software, we found that when sports apparel brands work with influencers, the content in which influencers mention their brand garners a 1631% higher engagement rate than their brand content!⁠

No matter your brand niche, there is an influencer out there with an audience that already fits your ideal customer demographics. When looking for influencers to represent your brand, it’s important to remember that affinity and authenticity matter more than just follower count. Using a platform can help you find creators that will deliver the highest ROI time and time again.

With the help of the Tagger platform’s affinity, engagement, and mentions toggles, we found these 15 fitness influencers repping a variety of fitness and lifestyle brands. Keep a close watch on them, as you might want to partner with them next.

  1. Quianna Camper (@qui2health) - Founder of Rehab by Qui and Therapy by Qui, Quiana Camper is a fitness influencer/entrepreneur with 18 brand partnerships under her belt. Brands Fabletics, Under Armour, and Addidas have all collaborated with Camper, whose following of 764k brings in a potential reach of nearly 800k on partnership posts.
  2. Adriell Mayes (@everygotdamndre) - NASM-certified personal trainer Adriell Mayes specializes in pain-free performance. Mayes has over 180k on Instagram with a tremendous growth rate of 37.67% over the past 90 days. His TikTok has also been increasing at 20k with a growth rate of over 5%. Mayes has partnered with Vivobarefoot and Kettlebell Kings, as well as Equinox Gym.
  3. Chanel Delisser (@chaneldelisser) - As the founder & CEO of Coco Fitness, Chanel Delisser is an online fitness coach, influencer, and entrepreneur with over 1M on her personal Instagram and nearly 13k on her business page. As a GNC partner, she reps the brand in her Instagram bio- one of the many ways Delisser has leveraged her platform to work with fitness brands. Other brands include BPI Sports, Under Armour, Nike, and The Vitamin Shoppe.
  4. Melissa Wood (@melissawoodhealth) - Melissa Wood is the brains behind the fitness program and app “Melissa Wood Health,” focused on pilates and other low-impact workouts. Wood has over 870k followers on Instagram with a steady 4% growth rate. With 67 sponsored mentions, Wood has partnered with some notable brands are Tory Burch, Equinox, and Highline Wellness CBD. Wood’s brand partnerships show a variety of brands ranging from fitness to lifestyle, a trend that is certainly in line with Wood’s mixture of fitness and lifestyle posts on her profile.
  5. Kirra O’Brien (@kirra_obrien) - Fitness coach focused on helping people feel strong, Kirra O’Brien’s platform is multiplying. With over 23k followers, O’Brien’s Instagram has a 38% growth rate. Her TikTok has had incredible engagement, with her highest-viewed video ringing in at over 200k views.
  6. Alec Smith (@alecsmith8) - Alec Smith is a Crossfit Athlete with many workout programs, discounts, and information on his platforms. He has long-term partnerships with athletic companies NOBULL, BPN, and ROMWOD- all featured in his Instagram bio. With a 25% growth rate on Twitter, Alec’s Facebook growth is even more impressive at 163.47%!
  7. Melanie Torres (@headstandsandheels) - Wellness blogger, Yogi, and Influencer Melanie Torres has nearly 400 sponsorships on her social media. Ranging in categories from wellness to alcohol brands, Torres has a great deal of variety in the partnerships she’s featured. With a 13% growth rate on Instagram and a 56% growth rate on Facebook, it looks like this sponsorship number will only continue to increase.
  8. Jeremy Scott (@jeremyscottfitness) - Podcaster, author, and fitness coach Jeremy Scott is quickly approaching 500k on Instagram, with his follower count climbing at a 7.7% rate. He’s partnered with Nike, Dick’s, and Under Armour.
  9. De Bolton (@faithfueledmom) - Micro-influencer and fitness coach De Bolton has a smaller following of 8.8k but has already managed almost 150 brand partnerships. Collaborations include Flex and Flow, NOW Foods, and Reebok, with the majority of the other brands also falling under the sports & fitness category within our platform. Bolton has brought in a reach as high as 25k, so it’s safe to say her smaller following is still delivering significant ROI.
  10. Stephania Ergemlidze (@stephaniae) - Avid basketball player-turned influencer Stephania has grown her platform extensively with nearly 700k followers on TikTok and over 420k on Instagram. Promoting her love of basketball, Stephania takes her hoop everywhere, and since going viral, has worked with fitness and, specifically, basketball brands. Some brands include the NBA, Foot Locker, and ESPN.
  11. Faith Hunter (@spirituallyfly) - Faith Hunter is a Yoga and meditation expert, author, and wellness guide with a following of 52.7k. Her 20+ brand mentions include Weleda, Mindbodygreen, and Athleta.
  12. Charlie Puglisi (@charliepuglisi) - Focused on easy and quick fitness and nutrition tips, Charlie Puglisi’s platform has grown to include his clothing line, Phoenix Apparel Co. Puglisi has worked with brands Gymshark, BPI sports, and Redcon 1. With an engagement rate of 17% and a growth rate of almost 50% on his Instagram, Puglisi is reaching nearly 500k.
  13. Mikaila Rosado (@mikaila_nyc) - Mikaila Rosado is a Yogi, speaker, and author teaching fitness through yoga. Rosado has participated in over 15 collaborations including Mastercard, CVS, Body Armour, and Vivobarefoot. Her sponsored posts bring in a reach of almost 350k.
  14. Dominique Lewis (@domitrick) - Professional tumbler and martial arts tricker Dominique Lewis has shared his expertise in these fields and coaches others. Lewis has partnered with Lull, Autozone, the NBA, and even Aflac Insurance. With a reach of almost 650k against an audience of 382k, Lewis’s growing platform will likely keep delivering an impressive reach.
  15. Frantzcesca Casimir (@frantzcesca.casimir) - As an active-duty soldier, fitness influencer Frantzcesca Casimir shares functional exercise routines, motivation, and more. Casimir is a Women’s Best athlete with almost 1M followers on Instagram. Along with her ongoing partnership with Women’s Best, Casimir has partnered with Fashion Nova, Vitamin Shoppe, and Grand Velas Resort.

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