15 Food Influencers to Follow for Work-(and School!)-From-Home Meal Ideas

Grace Donelson

26 Aug 2020 · 3 min read


Back to school season usually means shopping for textbooks, a fresh batch of school supplies, and wondering who we're going to sit next to in the cafeteria this year. But 2020 has different ideas about where kids are going to learn, and also, where they're gonna eat.

Beyond dealing with the new challenges of distance learning, families and educators are finding themselves needing to get creative about the time and resources needed to feed the whole household every day; both the family members who are working from home as well as the students and kids whose new cafeteria is just down the hall from their bedroom.

These 15 food influencers are creating content focused on helping households navigate the challenges of working, learning, and eating from home. From kid-friendly snacks, to meal prep ideas, to healthy ingredient choices, to allergy-friendly dishes, to easy work-from-home lunches, these creators have got everyone covered!

And hey, kids, look on the bright side! At least the kids don't have to worry about "mystery stew"day in the cafeteria...

  1. Yumna Jawad (@feelgoodfoodie) - Posting new recipes and cooking videos every Wednesday, Jawad’s profile and website (FeelGoodFoodie.net) are great resources for finding work-from-home-friendly meals. Whether cooking classic recipes, simplified dishes, or easy, weekday meals, Jawad's recipes are simple and manageable no matter your cooking expertise.
  2. My Nguyen (@myhealthydish_) - When she’s not posting easy and delicious recipes, Nguyen also shares what it’s like balancing life as a mother of twins, full-time health blogger, and influencer. With substantial followings on multiple platforms including TikTok and Youtube, Nguyen’s content is accessible for followers on nearly any social media platform.
  3. Meg van der Kruik (@thismessisours) - With multiple dietary restrictions within her family, Meg shares healthy recipes with accommodations for vegetarians, ‘gluten-free-ers’, and meat-eaters. Many of her recipes feature whole foods and home-grown ingredients.
  4. Camille Styles (@camillestyles) - Between sharing healthy recipes and raising her family, Styles is the editor-in-chief for her self-named blog where she also informs on travel tips, wellness info, and home design.
  5. Cassy Joy Garcia (@fedandfit) - Sharing everything from recipes to safe beauty tips, Cassy Joy runs the fedandfit.com blog, authored the ‘Fed & Fit’ book, and created the Fed & Fit Project. Found on multiple platforms, Cassy has a growing Youtube channel as well.
  6. Beverly Weidner (@bevcooks) - With easy recipes and numerous ideas to entertain kids while working-from-home, Weidner’s posts are essential for anyone juggling the work-at-home environment with children added to the mixture.
  7. Gerry Speirs (@foodnessgracious) - Between his foodnessgracious.com blog and growing Instagram, Speirs’ platforms share simple recipes in the format of your choice. Whether you prefer a traditional recipe breakdown or simple recipe videos on Instagram, his recipes are unique and delicious.
  8. Alice Choi (@hipfoodiemom1) - With a variety of recipes spanning Asian cuisine to health and comfort food, Choi’s content is notable for being especially easy to follow, perfect for any level of home cook.
  9. Sonja & Alex Overhiser (@acouplecooks) - Featured on the Today Show and in the Washington Post, Sonja and Alex’s classic recipes accommodate a wide variety of dietary restrictions and food preferences.
  10. Winny Hayes (@winnyhayes) - While followers flock to Hayes’ profile for her daily posts on what her kids eat in a day, her platform is just as wonderful a resource for easy and accessible recipes for any occasion.
  11. K.C. Cornwell (@gfreefoodie) - Fifth-generation farmer turned food blogger and editor for The Feed Feed, Cornwell’s recipes are all gluten-free. With a focus on fresh and home-grown ingredients, Cornwell shows her audience how to use fruits and veggies in creative ways and spices up classic recipes with unique flourishes.
  12. Jenné Claiborne (@sweetpotatosoul) - Vegan chef Claiborne’s successful Youtube channel, Instagram page, and vegan cookbook provide audiences with great resources on veganism. Whether attempting to go vegan or simply incorporating more meatless recipes into your lifestyle, Claiborne’s platform is a great place to start.
  13. Katie Price Webster (@healthyseasonal) - With the tagline “everything in moderation, including moderation” in her Instagram bio, Webster’s recipes feature wholesome and hearty ingredients to encourage healthy eating without excluding traditionally ‘unhealthy’ foods. Featuring fresh fruits and veggies, her platform’s positive outlook on healthy eating is an inspiration to those looking to eat healthier without missing out on their favorite guilty pleasures.
  14. Kate Ramos (@holajalapeno) - Offering virtual cooking classes and a blog with a years-long backlog of recipes, Ramos’ recipes aim to celebrate Mexican flavors. By merging authentic ingredients and flavors with modern preparations, Ramos features traditional and not-so-traditional Mexican cuisine.
  15. Emily Stoffel (@thepigandquill) - Food and Style editor for The Mom Edit, as well as the voice behind food blog The Pig and Quill, Stoffel’s platform shares easy meals and snacks for families while working from home.

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