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16 B2B Influencers Helping Your Business Thrive

Grace Donelson

29 Apr 2021 · 6 min read


If Social Media has taught us anything, it’s that the possibilities of Digital Marketing- specifically, with the help of Influencers- are endless. The learning curve of social media and influencer marketing over the past few years has been sharp, fast, and will only continue in this direction as innovations emerge. As we see these trends continue, it may be hard to catch yourself up to speed on the right digital marketing tactics for you and your brand. Luckily, digital and influencer marketing experts have made it easier for marketers to absorb their advice by becoming influencers themselves.

Whether looking to strengthen your marketing on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Youtube (we could go on), there is a B2B Influencer to help! Through sharing a wealth of information on really any topic regarding Digital Marketing, these influencers are keeping you up to date on all marketing tactics and innovations. Using the Tagger platform’s growth, mentions, and engagement metrics, we found these 16 B2B Influencers successfully growing and looking to help your business grow as well.

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  1. Danielle Leslie (@danielleleslie) - Creator of Course from Scratch, Danielle Leslie’s business helps clients create their own course and teaches them how to promote it on Instagram. Over the past year, her Instagram and business growth has been phenomenal, landing her in Forbes in December 2020. Following this, her Instagram has grown by nearly 10k, boosted by her high engagement with followers (averaging around 4%).
  2. Jason Falls (@jasonfalls) - With a little under 5k followers on Instagram but just under 100k on Twitter, Jason Falls’ audience numbers have a wide variety depending on the social platform. Falls’ is the author of the book “Winfluence” and the host of the podcast based on it, where he discusses the world of influencer marketing from a strategic perspective. His work helps businesses to align influencer strategies to their business goals. His different platforms and following sizes show the varied approaches that can help reach your audience- a smaller audience size indicates higher engagement rates, but a larger audience may help broaden your brand awareness. Also, check out Jason’s podcast for an episode featuring Tagger’s Director of Content Strategy, Kelsey Formost.
  3. Ann Handley (@annhandley) - Writer and digital marketing pioneer, Handley is also the brains behind MarketingProfs, a business that helps clients learn marketing. Her personal and MarketingProfs Instagram (@marketingprofs) have a prominent presence, her Twitter having the most impressive audience at 460k. With 9.4k individual mentions (organic and sponsored) and 117 sponsored mentions, Handley’s strategy in her digital marketing is effective, judging by her growth and engagement. Engagement on her Instagrams stays at 3-4% consistently, with steady growth from 452k to 460k on her Twitter since April 2020. Ann's MarketingProfs Instagram also has great Influencer Marketing info and metrics to boot!
  4. Jay Baer (@jaybaer) - Boasting 30k followers on Instagram, Baer also has solid followings on his Youtube and Twitter at 200k and 15k, respectively. Both of these profiles have impressive growth metrics and engagement rates, specifically with individual mentions about Baer’s profile approaching 7k. Conversely, Baer’s individual mentions from his account are at 3.4k, these metrics showing Baer’s engagement and activity from both sides.
  5. Shelly Bell (@iamshellybell) - CEO of Black Girl Ventures, Shelly Bell’s business addresses the unique challenges Black/Brown women face in accessing financial capital to grow their business. Bell’s Instagram and Twitter experience steady growth rates as well as spikes with higher engagement. As seen below, when Shelly received a spike in shares, her growth spiked as well. She also received more likes, comments, and a higher potential reach from mentions at this time.
  6. Scott Guthrie (@sabguthrie) - An influencer marketing advisor and expert, Scott Guthrie is also the host of The Influencer Marketing Lab Podcast, sponsored by Tagger Media. Guthrie’s expertise on influencer marketing is made clear in the podcast, where he discusses the growth spurts and growing pains of the influencer marketing industry. Collaborating with leaders in the industry, Guthrie utilizes his Twitter to promote the podcast and his other ventures, driving engagement and growth even more effectively when promoting collaborations.
  7. Elise Darma (@elisedarma) - Coach and educator on Instagram marketing, Elise Darma’s expertise is evident with one glance of her Instagram. With a 16% growth rate and nearly 150k followers, her tactics show rapid growth. With a growing presence on nearly every other platform, Darma’s brand awareness and reach will likely only continue to grow.
  8. Seth Godin (@sethgodin) - Entrepreneur, author, and speaker, Godin has translated his knowledge into effective social media strategies, spreading his content between his Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. With all of his platforms tracking audience sizes over 250k, his engagement is not as high as it might be from a smaller influencer. Still, his audience sizes alone are enough to increase his reach and brand awareness with every post.
  9. Ileane Smith (@ileane) - Though Digital media expert Ileane Smith only possesses an Instagram audience size of 3k, her social media strategy packs a punch. Having an audience size on Youtube of 11k doesn’t hurt either, as her Youtube has aided Smith’s Instagram in growth. Smith’s content covers everything from Youtube analytics to Facebook Live strategies, two tactics she is fond of herself. By utilizing these and more recently, Twitch and Twitter, Smith’s engagement rates look promising for even more positive growth.
  10. Rand Fishkin (@randfish) - Between his high individual mentions count of 6.6k and his growing audience on Twitter and Facebook, Rand Fishkin’s social media strategy is working. Co-founder and CEO of SparkToro, Fishkin’s regular Twitter activity (around 30 times a week) on the ins and outs of marketing and tech displays consistent and effective engagement contributing to his growth.
  11. Amy Porterfield (@amyporterfield) - With engagement rates regularly hovering around 4%, Porterfield’s Instagram growth from 189k to 262.1k in the past year is no surprise. Porterfield helps entrepreneurs build engaged email lists, digital courses, and profitable webinars. With over 2.1k individual mentions, Porterfield’s audience spans across Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook with over 150k on all platforms.
  12. Neil Patel (@neilpatel) - Named a top 10 marketer by Forbes, Patel’s extensive work in digital marketing has been widely broadcasted on his social media, optimizing his reach and brand awareness. As the founder of NP Digital, a performance marketing company, Patel’s Instagram has experienced an astonishing growth from 120k in April 2020 to 250k by April 2021. His maintained growth on Instagram translates to Twitter, where these growth spikes correlate with his highest-engaged content. His most successful Twitter post, linking to a spike of 500 followers the week following, charted over 600 retweets and over 2,400 likes.
  13. Mari Smith (@mari_smith) - Though she boasts impressive audience and engagement numbers on multiple platforms, Mari Smith is often referred to as the “Queen of Facebook,” referring to her extensive research and knowledge in Facebook marketing. Let’s take a look at one of her many growth spurts on Facebook. Following Smith’s “People Talking About This” jumping from 2-3k to 13.4k, Smith’s page grew from 221.5k page likes to 222.1k likes in the next ten days. Because Smith’s page regularly stays at a steady growth rate, the little spikes like this extra push of engagement make all the difference.
  14. Larry Kim (@kim_larry) - Founder and CEO of MobileMonkey, a marketing brand helping marketers in their social media outreach to customers, Larry Kim also founded Wordstream, eventually credited as the inventor of Google Ads. Google gave this credit to Kim in February 2021, where Kim experienced a spike in Instagram and Twitter activity and followers. This spike also correlates with an appearance on Clubhouse to discuss Digital Marketing and an article about his top 10 Digital Marketers. Heavily shared and mentioned by followers, Kim’s individual mention count in February rose to 207 from 188 in January. With engagement from multiple ventures, Kim’s brand awareness and reach will only continue to grow along with his audience.
  15. Jereshia Hawk (@jereshiahawk) - Jereshia Hawk is an income strategist and business coach with the tools to help clients grow their business. Hawk’s Instagram puts her skills on display as she boasts a 10% growth rate with over 20k followers. Using IG Reels and stories along with regular posts, Hawk’s diversification of content has resulted in engagement rates as high as 15%, averaging around 6%.
  16. Jake Davey (@jakeadamdavey) - Digital marketing expert and podcast host of INfluence, Jake Davey’s accessibility to his followers is just one of the highlights of his influencer marketing strategy. The social media guru focuses his work on Instagram marketing, offering pamphlets covering the best ways to utilize Instagram in your campaigns. Clearly, he knows what he’s talking about as his Instagram charts an uphill climb from 40k followers in August 2020 to 67k in April 2021. While promoting his podcast, Davey regularly collaborates with other experts in Influencer Marketing on social and his podcast, boosting his brand awareness and reach.

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