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20 LGBTQ+ Fashion Brands

Trevor Souki

21 Jun 2022 · 7 min read


Pride Month marks a time to celebrate and remember those individuals who have continued to work for equal opportunity and justice for the LGBTQ+ community. When preparing for Pride celebrations this year, fashion brands and marketers should consider buying from queer-owned labels in an effort to directly support LGBTQ+ creators.

LGBTQ+-owned labels provide accessible, inclusive clothing for all identifying persons, with many also contributing portions of their proceeds to nonprofits like The Trevor Project, SAGE, and the ACLU. As these brands grow organically, they have also enlisted the help of LGBTQ+ influencers to promote, leading to phenomenal growth and engagement across social media profiles. Using the Tagger platform’s engagement, affinity, and mentions toggles, we found these 20 LGBTQ+-owned clothing brands growing with the help of LGBTQ+ influencers – that marketers should consider supporting in and beyond June.

  1. Gc2b (@Gc2b) – is a trans-owned apparel company created by Marli Washington. Gc2b designs comfortable, body-inclusive binders with colorful and color-matching options. Their trailblazing designs were the first to be explicitly patented for cheƒst binding and continue to make great strides in the trans and non-binary community. The brand’s social media is also making great strides- since last year, they gained over 10k followers on Instagram and have been mentioned by celebrity fans like model and activist Rain Dove and actor Emma Corin. With an audience of more than 190k Instagram followers, Gc2b brand awareness continues to grow.
  2. Lockwood51 (@lockwood51la) – Founded in Los Angeles, @lockwood51la focuses on spreading their queer-positive agenda through their apparel. The brand has tripled Tagger’s benchmark in photo and carousel engagement, also doubling their video engagement. This engagement has captivated mentions from queer celebrities Gigi Goode, Willam Belli, and Brooke Candy.
  3. Peau de Loup (@peaudeloup) – Sustainable, ethical, and gender-inclusive Peau de Loup creates clothes everyone can be proud to wear. The brand was started in 2012 to create everyday button-downs for female and nonbinary bodies and continues to share its mission to make clothing for bodies, not gender. The brand has tracked steady growth and engagement in the last year, gaining 4k Instagram followers and engagements hovering around 2-5% on each post.
  4. Strange Ways (@shopstrangeways) – Seen in GQ, Refinery29, and Harper's Bazaar, Strange Ways is a queer-owned unique shop that sources directly from independent brands and artists. They feature numerous LGBTQ+ artists on their site and have tracked the attention of over 76k followers. The brand’s social media presence has followed high growth levels, gaining over 10k followers on Instagram and 2k Twitter followers in a year. Their passion and uniqueness as a brand has proven popular amongst their audience, seen in their engagement and impressions doubling in the last six months.
  5. Phlemuns (@Phlemuns) – Based in Los Angeles, Phlemuns specializes in high fashion and inclusivity. Founded by James Flemons, Phlemuns offers quality gender-inclusive designs in hopes of bridging the divide between high-end garments and non-binary apparel. With over 40k Instagram followers, the brand has attracted mentions from celebrities like Lizzo, Kali Uchis, Keke Palmer, and Brandon Flynn. With this attention, it is no surprise they have had a potential reach of over 1 million in this last month!
  6. Stuzo Clothing (@stuzoclothing) - Stuzo Clothing is a gender-free clothing company designed by Stoney Michelli Love to invoke thought and emotion. Celebrity fans Lena Waithe, Ruby Rose, and Gina Yashere (who has mentioned the brand over 100 times on Instagram) have all flaunted the brand’s clothing. With 1.3k individual mentions, the brand receives regular recognition from Influencers of different audience sizes.
  7. WILDFANG (@Wearewildfang) - Started in Portland, Oregon, WILDFANG’s mission to rethink gender norms and how they show up in fashion is not only helping to break stigmas in the fashion industry but also serves a philanthropic purpose. WILDFANG has donated over 500k to charity since its’ beginning, growing even bigger brand awareness, reach, and customer loyalty. At first glance, WILDFANG’s Tagger metrics show a slight decline in Twitter followers, a metric surprising when the brand’s other social media have such a strong growth rate. Simultaneously, the brand’s number of retweets has spiked. Despite their slight decline in Twitter growth, the brand is still tracking phenomenal engagement and impression metrics showing that growth isn’t the only stat you should depend on for effective influencer marketing!
  8. DapperBoi (@dapperboi) - A clothing line for androgynous individuals of all body types, DapperBoi was started by the wife-and-wife duo Vicky and Charisse Pasche with just a Kickstarter. The brand has since tracked steady growth and in the last year, their Instagram has gained over 7k followers. Featured in publications such as Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazine, the brand has also pivoted some of its social media strategies to TikTok, with an audience of almost 30k built in the last ten months.
  9. TomboyX (@tomboyc) - Started so owners Fran and Naomi could make underwear that fit who they are rather than what society tells them to be, TomboyX has since expanded their product lines to include more clothing, super-soft pajamas, and underwear for any body type. The brand’s social media platforms all possess steady growth rates and high engagement- over 3.5k organic mentions are recorded across their different platforms. In addition, sponsored mentions are ringing in at 1k, featuring collaborations with fashion models and actual customers.
  10. SUAYSewShop (@suaysewshop) - A 100% vertical sewing and production shop founded by Lindsay Rose Medoff, SUAY Sew Shop creates clothing from a combination of post-consumer waste deadstock and domestically, organically grown fibers. The brand is making waves in the clothing community for its eco-friendliness and unique clothing repair service. The brand’s social media is also making waves, growing at a 10% growth rate over the last 90 days.
  11. Bianca Designs (@biancadesigns) - Founded by Bianca Negron, Bianca Designs is a small, independent shop featuring pins, creative goods, and other clothing. AT 13.6k followers, Bianca Designs has slowly but surely grown on all platforms, with engagement rates exceeding the Tagger benchmarks- Her engagement rates are hovering around 3-4% on all posts. The brand’s smaller audience allows for a more fine-tuned audience experience, resulting in higher engagement rates.
  12. Humankind (@humankindswim) - A swimwear line designed for any body type, Humankind has been active on social media with audiences. The brand regularly interacts with its audiences with giveaways and the hashtag #WeAreHumankind. The brand’s video engagement is tracking at double the Tagger benchmark, showing their expertise in this kind of social content. The brand has nearly 25k TikTok followers and over 277k TikTok likes.
  13. Telfar (@telfarglobal) - With humble beginnings after being started at Pace University by student Telfar Clemens, the unisex brand has swept the nation with its signature monogram bag. Favored by celebrities Solange Knowles and Indya Moore, our metrics show nearly 5k others who have mentioned the brand on social media. Their growth shows no signs of slowing as the brand continues to track phenomenal engagement despite their massive audience. Engagement rates in the 3-4% range are typical of the brand’s Instagram, but their Twitter is more impressive, featuring a 7% engagement rate on photos.
  14. Kirrin Finch (@kirrinfinch) - Designed by Laura Moffatt and Kelly Sanders Moffatt, Kirrin Finch creates menswear-inspired apparel to fit a range of female and non-binary bodies. Though the brand’s growth is already impressive, its creativity in influencer marketing truly highlights their audience and customers. The brand regularly puts its audience on display with quarterly reposts of influencers and customers using the #MyKirrinFinch hashtag. This tactic has grabbed engagement for these posts as audiences see themselves in the brand. Nearly 200 individual mentions are becoming more frequent, sending Kirrin Finch on a path toward growth.
  15. Flavnt Streetwear (@flavnt_stretwear) - Streetwear brand Flavnt (pronounced ‘flaunt’) was created with the mission to promote confidence and pride among the LGBTQ+ community and anyone who supports them. Flavnt is the creator of the 1st range of nude binders and has donated over 30k for gender-confirming surgeries. Since last May, the brand’s Instagram has grown by 6k, and their engagements have been tracked at 300-400 per post.
  16. Passionfruit (@shop_passionfruit) - Featured in Vice, BuzzFeed, and even Marth Stewart, Passionfruit clothing and accessories are curated, produced, and designed by LGBTQ+ creators.
  17. Otherwild (@otherwild) - Otherwild is a store, design studio, and event space created by Rachel Berks to highlight items made with care by individuals. Their store’s social media does a phenomenal job of bringing attention to their creators, with over 4k mentions from Otherwild’s social media. These mentions have reached almost 650,000 in recent months, which shows the power of a single mention from individual influencers!
  18. The Phluid Project (@thephluidproject) - The Phluid Project is a gender-free fashion brand founded by Rob Garrett Smith. Their mission to challenge old traditions and embrace self-expression is seen in their clothing line and social media, which serves as a community, activism, and education page. Their Instagram account has grown by 11k in the last six months, boosted by their collaborations with LGBTQ+ influencers. Their mentions also feature a partnership with L period care and Scent Beauty, highlighting how multi-brand influencer marketing can help encourage growth.
  19. Rebirth Garments (@rebirthgarments) - Founded by Sky Cubacub, Rebirth Garments provides gender-non-conforming wearables and accessories for people on the full spectrum of gender, size, and ability. Almost 700 individual mentions feature the brand for an average of 15,000 potential reaches per mention.
  20. Bowtie Behavior (@bowtie_behavior) - With just 2.8k followers, Bowtie Behavior’s social media journey may only be beginning to blossom, but the brand has already been featured all over the internet. Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, and Verizon Media have published articles on the female-owned handmade bowtie company. In addition, the brand has collaborated with The Phluid Project and other brands while working with micro-influencers.

As part of Tagger's commitment to the LGBTQ+ community, we have made a donation to The Trevor Project.

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