Getting Down To Business: Why You Should Always Work with Instagram Influencers with Business Accounts

Although social marketing is a highly visual discipline, it is as much a science as it is an art. 

Historically, influencer marketing has been filled with limited metrics, false reports, and questionable campaign measurement. Although ubiquitous and full transparency isn’t viable yet, access to certain insights will guide your decision making and empower your planning and results. For Instagram activations, real data on impressions and reach are only available when partnering with influencers with Instagram business accounts. 

And now, getting down to business (accounts):


Instagram Is Not Hurting Business Profiles

Rumors swirl around business profiles: Instagram’s algorithm, the legitimacy of shadow banning, reduced reach for posts and compromised follower engagement. And they are just that: rumors.

Instagram recently stated that there are no penalties for switching to a business profile. For example, influencer posts on business accounts will receive the same feed presence as those with personal accounts (as long as followers are engaging with the content.) To that end, engagement should not be impacted.

Influencers with high-quality content don’t need to worry about the algorithm negatively affecting them, because the best posts will always rise to the top. The influencers who are willing to make the switch and share their analytics are those you want to work with. 

The art of the science: working with influencers that have made the switch to a business profile to allow for an informed partnership and campaign. And the science of the art: the metrics business profiles provide allow you to focus on data-driven decisions to ensure your campaign will thrive and your client’s money is well spent. 


Improved Benchmarking Capabilities for Creating Informed Campaigns

Influencers adopting business profiles demonstrate a confidence in data and insights and the importance of a working relationship founded on truths. When an influencer uses a business account, they have access to metrics unavailable on standard accounts; and so do you, their social marketing partners. 

The key metrics made available by the business account access are: impressions (number of times a post is seen), reach (number of unique users who receive an impression), and demographic information for the age/gender/location of an audience. Other compelling data points include % of followers and non-followers reached per post, the days of the week when an influencer’s followers are most active and how many follows can be attributed to a specific post. 

The increased transparency and data protocols within a business Instagram account enable both parties to create, evaluate and optimize the working relationship. This is business.


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