4 Essential Steps to Influencer Marketing Success


24 Mar 2020 · 2 min read


Influencer marketing provides brands with an opportunity to create a personal touch, at scale, for a relatively low cost that you simply can’t get any other way. It’s the next best thing to word of mouth marketing, allowing brands to showcase their product to the right audience without ever actually “selling” to them.

There are many metrics brands, agencies, and creators can pay attention to, and use to their advantage when creating and executing influencer marketing campaigns. But at the core of the data, there are four basic steps that need to be followed in order to ensure the highest possible ROI when engaging in influencer marketing.

We at Tagger have created a new series on “The Four Essential Steps to Influencer Marketing Success” that will be released this Thursday, March 26th. Each of the four videos will take an in-depth look at each step, helping you streamline your workflow and maximize your marketing ROI.

Click here to be alerted when the videos go live! In the meantime, you can read about each of the four essential pillars below, as well as in this downloadable PDF e-book.

1. PLAN better

The more specific and niched-down you get about the goals of your campaign ahead of time, the more successful your campaign will be. To the best of your ability, define your target audience, affinities, and campaign KPI’s, then narrow the focus around your goals and targets as much as possible. Unfocused, ambiguous plans will get you unfocused, ambiguous results.

Don’t forget to plan ahead and set KPI’s for what you want visitors to do after they’re exposed to your brand via influencer marketing. Be sure to share this goal with your team as well as the influencer you work with; again, it will help narrow the focus of the campaign, driving much better results in the end.

2. SEARCH smarter

Now that there are powerful and convenient search tools like Tagger available, there’s no excuse: you should never have to “settle” for a contract with an influencer who’s a less-than-perfect fit for you/your brand! Tagger has a searchable database of 3.6+MM influencers across multiple platforms, 65K+ brands, and over 9B+ historical posts to give you the best, most accurate and well-matched results.

Bottom line: When it comes to finding the perfect influencer, you want to work smarter, not harder. Stop wasting valuable time on hashtag searches and spreadsheets! Use a platform like Tagger to quickly and effectively search through the most relevant data to find your perfect fit.

3. CONNECT consistently

Now that you’ve found the perfect influencer, you need to have an effective, easy communication strategy and workflow in place to ensure there’s no communication breakdown. Keep everything like back-and-forth messages, negotiations, contracts and documents in one place to ensure nothing gets lost in the dreaded ether of the email inbox.

Streamlining all your influencer communication on one platform allows you to manage and track all your various campaigns at scale, while still maintaining a personal touch with each individual influencer. Having an effective and user-friendly CRM is crucial to being able to keep tabs on the various stages of your influencer relationships and contract communications.

It’s also important to maintain a level of seamless communication with your team members as well as the influencers you connect with. Keeping all campaign-related communication on one platform allows you to ensure everyone is on the same page.

4. REPORT your results, your way

Understanding what’s working (and what isn’t) comes down to accurate and specific data reporting. Influencer marketing reporting and analytics have leveled up, and so should you! Ditch the old school spreadsheets in favor of customizable reporting templates created directly from your marketing platform. Doing this is the only way to see the actual impact each data set has on your ROI.

It’s about so much more than just measuring engagement rate. True success comes in understanding the impact of each individual data set at a granular level, then seeing how it comes together in the overall picture of your brand’s social health and campaign ROI.

Don't forget to tune in THURSDAY MARCH 26th for the release of our "4 Steps to Influencer Marketing Success" video series!

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