7 Influencer Marketing Tips For Fashion and Beauty Brands

Elise Obat

08 Sep 2021 · 4 min read


Today's post is from guest author Elsie Obat.

Fashion and Beauty are two of the most successful- and two of the most saturated- verticals using influencer marketing today. It's a high-stakes space and brands should waste no time optimizing their influencer campaigns for success.

Here are 7 marketing tips for fashion and beauty brands, and the influencers who work with them.

Engagement > Follower Count

In today's world, the most successful influencers are the ones with a strong online presence. Trends can live and die at the whims of these online experts. Social media has a strong potential to reach a larger audience, and at the same time, keep that audience engaged with your brand.

With the right tactics and marketing tools, you can be confident that social media will serve you well in making your brand name known. And remember, it's "social" media, so start socializing!

Engage back!

Don't make the mistake of thinking that your social media is just a bulletin board for your products. Engage with your audience through likes, comments, and shares.

Don't just like every single comment you come across; like the comments and reply to those that truly stand out to you as supportive of your brand.

On the other hand, if your audience has certain problems with your brand, make sure to reply to them as promptly as allowed. "Seenzoning" your customers is a big no-no if you want to be on good terms with them.

Many social media posts become cursed by comments such as "why won't they respond to me?!" or "bad PR, bad product" if their questions are always ignored.

Engage with your customers and let them know that their voices are heard. Familiarity is the first step to brand loyalty

Be Real

Customers are less likely to be open to your brand if it doesn't feel "authentic". Some people make the mistake of starting a brand that does not fit their style or energy. When you start a brand, make sure that the brand truly encapsulates you.

Your followers will be more receptive to your brand if you wear it wherever you appear, for example. Not only that, make sure you aren't too "corporate" when you sell your brand. It's a given that you want people to try out your brand. What isn't a given is why they should try it in the first place.

Authenticity to your consumers can help them find out the "why" for themselves.

Make it Easy To Buy or Learn More

With online shopping becoming the norm, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, making things easy for your customers is crucial. If your customer wants your product, make the process as efficient as possible. You'd be surprised how many people stick with a brand due to convenience.

For example, they see a post with one of your lipsticks. The link on said post should lead directly to the product. From there, the product page should have everything they need to know. Does it ship to their location? Is it the right color? Is it even available?

To figure out the exact details of what needs to be "easier", do a trial run of how people might buy your products. Note any hiccups in the process. Nip these logistical issues in the bud before you start going big. This makes it easier not just for your customer, but also for you.

Lean Into Video Content

Videos are a fantastic medium to showcase your brand. The closest your clientele can get to see how your brand looks in action is through video. The videos can range from DIY Home Tutorials to professionally made runway videos. What matters is that your customers know your brand is real, and it looks "real good".

For makeup, people gravitate towards the DIY "home feel" type of videos. After all, people tend to do their makeup. Authenticity gives the viewers that feeling of familiarity. That feeling is what'll keep them coming back to you.

Alternatively, vlogging is a great way to give the audience a "crash-test" of your brand out in the “wild”, so to speak. There’s no better showcase of your product than a day-to-day video.

Wearing your brand in a casual setting gives them confidence that your brand looks good everywhere, even if they aren't in professionally lit studios.


Collaborate with people who have established audiences to reach other established audiences. Take a look at what your demographic is, and see if any other influencers have the same as yours. People love crossovers, and that kind of hype can mean big buzz for your brand.

For example, if your brand is a fashion line for winter clothing, perhaps look around for a cooking blog around Christmas time to give your brand a shout-out. In return, post a comfy picture of someone enjoying the Christmas feast recipe from that cooking blog on your social media. For double brand points, have them wearing your brand as well.

Brand Ambassadors

Take your collabs one step further. After a successful collab, you can offer them to become ambassadors for your brand. Ambassadors act as the "faces" for your products. Ambassadors should be people whose values, content, and general vibe match your brand's identity.

In addition to acting as the face for your brand, they will also have a hand in its digital marketing. Through social media posts, they can showcase the day-to-day look of your line. You can attract possible ambassadors through a variety of means, including:

A friendly face can go a long way in making your brand appeal to people.

Influencer Marketing = Digital Networking

Marketing as an influencer is a master class in networking. You have to learn to connect not only with your audience but also with other influencers. Despite the difficulty, there's no denying that influencers can sway the market like no other.

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