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Influencers & Apps Teaching About Astrology

Grace Donelson

06 Jan 2022 · 2 min read


Thanks to apps like Co-Star and The Pattern, the centuries-old study of celestial bodies is more popular than ever. With the help of social media, astrology is being brought into the 21st-century, allowing people to reflect personally and connect with others over their horoscopes.

Influencers have paved the way for open discussion about astrology online, sharing readings of followers and celebrities, and offering advice based on current celestial placements. Take a look at some of our favorite astrology influencers and the apps and brands being promoted by them!

  1. Aliza Kelly (@alizakelly) - Featured in Cosmopolitan, Allure, and on PeopleTV and the Drew Barrymore Show, astrologer Aliza Kelly’s 15% growth rate is no surprise with the amount of attention her account and work has gotten lately. Over 6% engagement rates dominate Kelly’s Instagram, doubling from an average engagement of 3% in October.
  2. Jessica Lanyadoo (@jessica_lanyadoo) - Astrologer, podcast host, and creator of Astrology For Days, an astrology tool for new learners and pros alike. Lanyadoo posts a mixture of meme-y content and informational weekly videos on astrology. With a 1.5% growth rate, Lanyadoo’s following will likely continue as her video content gains more engagement.
  3. Rebecca Gordon (@rebeccagordonastrology) - Rebecca Gordon is an NYC-based astrologer featured in publications including Harper’s Bazaar and as a columnist and author for Simon and Schuester. Gordon’s steady growth has only been exemplified by the beginning of the new year as astrologers of all ranges seek out predictions for 2022.
  4. Co-star Astrology (@costarastrology) - With over 20M downloads, Co-star Astrology is one of the most popular applications for astrologers of all levels. Nearing 1k mentions on Instagram, the app has a growth rate of 3%.
  5. Julia Kelley (@yourmomshoroscope) - With an engagement rate nearing 3%, astrologer Julia Kelley’s platform has grown steadily over recent months. Garnering a potential reach of 101k, Kelley has partnered with Bumble, Wild Sage Bedding, and FabFitFun.
  6. Susan Miller (@astrologyzone) - Susan Miller is the founder of Astrology Zone, a website-turned-app for daily horoscope readings. She is also a writer for over 6 international magazines and has grown significant followings on Instagram and Twitter. Miller has partnered with American Greetings on multiple occasions and has a potential reach as high as 5M, making her a great influencer for increasing brand awareness.
  7. The Leo King (@theleokingdom) - With all platforms growing at a steady rate, The Leo King’s astrology-focused Youtube channel has an average video view count of over 15k. His engagement on all platforms is also more than double the benchmarks.
  8. SANCTUARY (@sanctuarywrld) - At 1.4M Instagram followers, SANCTUARY is another popular astrology app growing rapidly. They’ve worked with multiple micro-influencers for an engagement rate on these posts as high as 3.6%.
  9. Jessica Alexander (@behatilife) - The creator behind Behatilife, Jessica Alexander has grown her Instagram to over 100k followers. Alexander has an average engagement rate of over 4%.
  10. Tali and Ophi Edut (@astrotwins) - Though their account has been growing steadily for many years, AstroTwins Tali and Ophi Edut have seen a very recent growth spurt with the beginning of 2022 underway. The duo is known for readings featured in Elle, and their recently-released 2022 Horoscope book.
  11. Alice Bell (@stalkalice) - Alice Bell is British Vogue's astrologer, also known for hosting her own astrology podcast "Astrology and You." Bell has a growth rate of over 11% and has partnered with Pandora, River Island, and other brands in various categories.

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