How BYGMusic built a successful influencer campaign with 10 Grammy Award winners

Brendan Shepherd

01 Mar 2021 · 2 min read


This post is written by guest author Brendan Shepherd, Head of Partnerships at BYGMusic.

At BYGMusic, we connect brands with micro-networks of passionate fans. Through strategic partnerships we’re able to connect the dots between artists and advertisers, supporting musicians while providing an innovative avenue for brands to reach new, highly-engaged audiences.

Using a combination of our unique expertise and networking strategies with the support of Tagger’s robust social technology, we recently wrapped an incredibly successful campaign for Soundcore earbuds in anticipation of The Grammy Awards, airing this Sunday March 14th.

There tends to be a lot of publicity in the weeks leading up to the Grammys and we needed a way to help our clients at Soundcore cut through the noise to run a targeted, effective campaign. Strategic partnerships with relevant influencers have proved to be an incredibly useful way to reach exactly the right audiences with hyper-specific affinities.

When we plan a campaign for our clients, we build our strategy on a bedrock of accurate social data, then tap into the human element to connect with relevant artists and allow for maximum creativity from those influencers. We continually process and cultivate artists through deep dives on social media, making sure we thoroughly understand their performance on various platforms, what type of content they produce, and who their followers are. We also examine the more “intangible” elements like musical style, artistry, and values.

Using the Tagger platform, we were able to identify 10 previous Grammy winners whose audiences are perfectly aligned with Soundcore’s values and goals, and who lend an air of legitimacy to the product in question; professional-quality earbuds for the general public. These artists helped spread the word by showcasing Soundcore’s new Liberty Air 2 Pro earbuds in livestreams, endorsements, and via branded social content.

For this particular campaign, it was very important for Soundcore to target certain global markets. We needed to find artists whose fanbases aligned with the target demographic. It’s about more than just finding Grammy winners; it’s about who their followers and fans are, where those fans live, and how strong of an affinity they have for brands like Soundcore (making them much more likely to be interested in this campaign).

Because the social campaign was based on accurate data but left ample room for creativity, it’s been incredibly successful; both in boosting the social presence of the 10 Grammy-winning artists we partnered with, as well as in meeting and exceeding Soundcore’s goals. We were also able to tie into the Grammy’s MusicCares charity; a nonprofit organization that provides emergency health, financial and rehabilitation resources for those in the music industry.

At BYGMusic, we’re constantly looking for innovative ways to build bridges between artists and advertisers on social media, and beyond. We’re proud to have executed such a successful campaign with Soundcore, and look forward to supporting the Grammy awards this Sunday, March 14th.

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