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Cannabis Influencers With "High" Growth Rates

Grace Donelson

14 Apr 2022 · 5 min read


Since the legalization of marijuana in the US, the cannabis industry has progressed rapidly with no signs of slowing. Forbes expects the legal market to pull in $43 billion by 2025. As legalization becomes more widespread, cannabis education and awareness are at the forefront of this movement, spearheaded by cannabis influencers.

However they use the herb, influencers are the internet’s most trusted reviewers of cannabis brands. Using the Tagger platform’s category, keyword, and affinity toggles, we found these top influencers providing great ROI for cannabis brands.

  1. Shonirita Anthony (@Bluntblowinmama) - Shonirita Anthony has established an uplifting and supportive space by normalizing moms who consume cannabis on her Instagram page, “Blunt Blowin’ Mama.” Anthony’s Instagram has grown to include her namesake podcast and a BBM Merchandise line. Anthony has partnered with brands such as Beboe, Sploofy, and Canndescent.
  2. Rachel Burkons (@smokesipsavor) - Mom, Cannabis influencer, and owner of Altered Plates Hospitality company, Rachel Burkons’ influencer presence has grown to nearly 13k followers. Burkons has long-term partnerships established with Elevate Jane, TAYLOR + Tess, Emerald Exchange- she also co-hosts a weekly happy hour/cannabis catch-up with influencer (featured below) Jamie Evans.
  3. Jamie Evans (@theherbsomm) - Founder of The Herb Somm, Jamie Evans specializes in cannabis, CBD, food, recipes, wine, and the canna-culinary world. Evans’s expertise is found on her culinary-meets-cannabis blog and Instagram, with over 30k followers. Among other brands, Evans has teamed up with LEVO Oil Infusing machines on giveaways for the brand, reaching an engagement of 4.2%.
  4. Coreen Carroll (@frauleinchef) - Since winning “Cooking With Cannabis” on Netflix, Chef Coreen Carroll has expanded her social platform and created a Cannisseur pop-up restaurant company. Carroll has multiple brand partnerships and has hosted giveaways with Satori Chocolates, Humboldt Apothecary, and Pax Vapor Products.
  5. Sydni Smiley (@_shadesofsyd) - Cannabis educator, influencer, and enthusiast Syd is known as “Thee Vibe Queen” on her Social Media Profiles. Syd has recently expanded her platform to include a Youtube channel with now over 1k subscribers. Smiley is also the founder of Medicated Melanin, a cannabis brand. Smiley has leveraged her platform to promote her brand and work with other Cannabis brands- Stiizy vapes, AbsoluteXtracts, and Waxmaid.
  6. Steve DeAngelo (@steve.deangelo) - Father of the legal cannabis industry and founder of the Last Prisoner Project, Steve DeAngelo is reaching 56k+ followers, growing at a 10% rate. DeAngelo has partnered with and Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum on Instagram.
  7. Sandy Smokes (@sandy.smokes) - Cannabis marketer and influencers Sandy Smokes has grown her platform to over 15k followers through regular reviews, smoke seshes, and other cannabis-related content. Sandy has worked with brands such as Waxmaid, Wyllow, and RAW Rolling Papers.
  8. Monica Lo (@sousweed) - With her social media handle “Sous Weed” and adventurous recipes, Cannabis Chef Monica Lo is an excellent destination for brands specializing in cooking with Cannabis. Lo has already partnered with cannabis brands Caliva, Leafly, and Artet, but more partnerships will likely follow as her following grows.
  9. Travis Peterson (@the_nomadcook) - Cannabis Chef and Educator Travis Peterson has a wide variety of content and brand partnerships on his social media. Peterson has just over 10k followers but has leveraged his platform to work with LEVO Electronics, Leafly, and several non-cannabis-related brands.
  10. Emily McCarter (@mccartergetshigh) - A creative cannabis consultant and mental health advocate, Emily McCarter’s Instagram profile has high engagement and has featured several cannabis brands. These collaborations include Native Roots Cannabis Co, Philter Labs, and
  11. The Dank Duchess (@thedankduchess) - Solventless Consultant, Cannabis Cultivator, and Public Speaker, The Dank Duchess is an expert in the Cannabis field. She has made appearances on VICELAND’s Bong Appetit and features Puffco, Freshly, and The Emerald Cup Cannabis Celebration on her platform.
  12. Morgan Leigh English (@stonedandtoned) - As the founder of Stoned and Toned, an online gym promoting the benefits of smoking cannabis while working out. English has partnered with cannabis brands 48North, Kush Queen, and Flow Kana on her personal account and has seen growth with partnerships for Stoned and Toned as well, partnering with Source Brands for this year’s 4/20.
  13. Nadir Pearson (@nadirpearson) - Cannabis activist and entrepreneur Nadir Pearson advocates for drug policy reform in America, initiatives like 421forall, and the disenfranchisement of minority voices in the cannabis industry. Pearson has collaborated with Cannabis brands Puffco and Raw while also profiled in High Times and Forbes.
  14. LizzyJeff (@lizzyjeff) - Author, Rapper, and CEO of lifestyle brand Zen & Kush, LizzyJeff offers masterclasses teaching about community healing, sensual, spiritual wellness, and entrepreneurial prosperity. Her branded mentions feature Marley Natural and West Coast Lifestyle.
  15. Vanessa Dora Lavorato (@vanessamarigold) - Founder of Marigold Sweets edibles, Lavorato hosts an edible club where members can share information about cooking with cannabis. With an engagement rate hovering around 4%, Lavorato’s content has a healthy audience engagement- likely to grow as her following scales past 80k.
  16. Alice & Clark (@thathighcouple) - Between their Youtube and Instagram pages, Alice and Clark share information about cannabis while also providing fun content with a light-hearted atmosphere. As their youtube just hit 100k, the duo’s Instagram is on its way to 35k. With their highest Youtube view count reaching close to 30k, the couple’s brand partnerships are gaining leverage and reach. Pax Vapor, Discrete, and long-term collaboration with G Pen are just a few of the Cannabis brands this couple features, driving a potential reach of over 60k impressions.
  17. Alice Moon (@thealicemoon) - Cannabis entrepreneur Alice Moon has been featured in High Times, LA Weekly, Civilized, and Viceland’s Bong Appétit. Moon spreads awareness about cannabinoid hyperemesis but still advocates for legalization and safe use of cannabis. Moon was also named a Cannabis Power Player on, solidifying her place as a top cannabis influencer.
  18. Jessica Gonzales (@themommyjane) - Known by her blog ‘The Mommy Jane,’ Jessica Gonzales is a cannabis influencer, mindfulness, and meditation coach. She focuses on incorporating plant medicine into mindful living, and each week, she showcases personalities and brands that inspire. Stashologix, SheWeed, and Liberty Cannabis are only a few of the many brands Gonzales has promoted.
  19. Mandy Harlan (@flmarijuanamentor) - On a journey to educate others through cannabis, Mandy Harlan is a Florida-based creator with almost 50 brand mentions under her belt.
  20. The Canncierge (@thecanncierge) - Mom, Sociologist, and Women’s Cannabis Educator, The Canncierge is on a mission to normalize weed. Her 15k followers bring in a 1.5% engagement rate, and she has partnered with brands AbsoluteXtracts, Satori Chocolates, and Care by Design.
  21. Emily Eizen (@emilyeizen) - Emily Eizen is a multimedia artist, model, and cannabis influencer. Eizen’s influence has extended to represent brands such as FLI Cannabis, PrettyLittleThing, and Skull Candy in recent months. With a 2.7-3% engagement rate, Eizen’s engagement will boost your ROI in partnerships.
  22. Chef Amanda ( - Culinary artist and kitchen alchemist Chef Amanda regularly serves up gourmet plates of beautiful infused food. Amanda has partnered with Wyllow and Magical Butter and has provided cannabis companies with curated menus and other fun launches.

If you’d like to see how Tagger’s platform finds the perfect influencers for every need and category, we’re happy to show you how we do it! Schedule a live demo.

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