15 Cannabis Influencers With "High" Growth Rates

Grace Donelson

12 Aug 2020 · 3 min read


In the eight years since recreational marijuana was legalized in Colorado and Washington State, the US cannabis industry has progressed rapidly with no signs of slowing anytime soon. In 2019, the global legal marijuana trade was valued at 17.7 Billion USD and is expected to continue expanding, especially as legalization in the US becomes more widespread.

Whether Cannabis is used medicinally or recreationally, it has been used to improve quality of life, physical health, and even spawn mental enlightenment. As every cannabis user has a different reason or method of using, similarly so do social media influencers. Whether you love tasty edibles, prefer smoking flower, or just have a “budding” interest in learning more about the potential benefits of cannabis, the influencers below can help. Boasting high engagement and growth rates, we found these 15 Cannabis influencers spreading awareness and information on Marijuana through our Tagger platform.

  1. Shonirita Anthony (@Bluntblowinmama) - Former editor for ABC News and Huffington Post among other publications. Anthony currently runs a podcast aiming to normalize moms who medicate with cannabis. Her podcast and social media following has a steady growth rate, and she has even created merchandise for her brand.
  2. Valerie Lollett (@valerielollett) - Based in Miami, FL, Lollett promotes the safe use of cannabis and even offers Cannabis Coaching Sessions through The Plant Department. Working in the crossroads of wellness and cannabis, she provides helpful information on how to have a productive cannabis session to meet your individual needs.
  3. Shades of Syd (@_shadesofsyd) - Cannabis educator, influencer, and enthusiast. Syd has recently expanded her platform to include a Youtube channel.
  4. JeffThe420Chef (@jeffthe420chef) - Dubbed “The Julia Child of Weed” by Daily Beast, Jeff invented Culinary Cannabis, odorless smokable cannabis flower, and "tasteless" canna-oil and cannabutter. Jeff has also developed a cookbook and is the owner of Monica’s House, an edibles consumption lounge in Los Angeles.
  5. The Dank Duchess (@thedankduchess) - Managing editor of Skunk Magazine, the “Duchess” has been featured on Viceland’s “Bong Appétit” and provides her followers with Hash Consulting among countless other information.
  6. Morgan Leigh English (@thiscannabislife) - As the founder of Stoned and Toned, an online gym promoting the benefits of smoking cannabis while working out. English’s platform has always focused on ending the stigma against smoking.
  7. Nadir Pearson (@nadirpearson) - Cannabis activist and entrepreneur, Pearson advocates for drug policy reform in America, initiatives like 421forall, and the disenfranchisement of minority voices in the cannabis industry.
  8. LizzyJeff (@lizzyjeff) - Author, Rapper, and CEO of lifestyle brand Zen & Kush, LizzyJeff offers masterclasses teaching about community healing, spiritual sensual wellness, and entrepreneurial prosperity.
  9. Roo (@roogetslifted) - With partnerships from Youtube and 100, Roo provides discount codes with cannabis companies Session Goods, Knix, and Foria.
  10. GanjapreneurGal (@ganjapreneurgal) - An advocate for Medical Marijuana, her social media and blog provides readers information and advice on proper use of cannabis, specifically in holistic illnesses treatments.
  11. Nina Parks (@nina_parks) - A strong proponent of equity within the legal cannabis industry, Parks offers consulting services for individuals, businesses, and local & state leadership about cannabis brand development and community benefits.
  12. Vanessa Dora Lavorato (@vanessamarigold) - Founder of Marigold Sweets edibles, Lavorato hosts an edible club where members can share information all about cannabis and cooking edibles.
  13. Alice & Clark (@thathighcouple) - Between their youtube and instagram platform, Alice and Clark share information about cannabis while also providing fun content with a light-hearted atmosphere. Based in LA, the couple shares their travels around the world with followers stopping at cannabis ‘hot-spots’ internationally.
  14. Alice Moon (@thealicemoon) - Cannabis entrepreneur featured in High Times, LA Weekly, Civilized, and Viceland’s Bong Appétit. Moon has a mission of spreading awareness about Cannabinoid Hyperemesis, a condition she was diagnosed with after multiple years of being a cannabis user.
  15. Hope Wiseman (@iamhopesodope) - Cannabis advocate and all-around badass, Hope is the founder of medical dispensary Mary and Main, and The 420 Experience, a database providing digital learning about the ever-evolving industry of cannabis.

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