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Gen-Z Round Up: May '22 - All about music!

Matt Lacey

06 Jun 2022 · 4 min read


Welcome to this month’s Gen-Z roundup! Each month, we use our social intelligence platform Signals to find, measure, and share all the top trends in the online creator community that matter to Gen Z’ers. Here’s what’s going on(line) right now…

How to get paid as an influencer

As Gen Zers continue spending more time online as consumers, the concept of becoming an influencer becomes more visible and more viable. The practice and career of “Influencing” has made a compound impact on the social media landscape since the pandemic. For anyone who identifies as an aspiring influencer—in addition to anybody who is either curious or skeptical—Insider Media’s Sydney Bradley and Amanda Perelli wrote an amazing article that outlines the various ways influencers can get in touch with brands and strategize some paid collaborations.

As the most solid revenue stream for influencers, brand deals are critical for being able to support yourself through content creation. Beyond making yourself discoverable by top brands via Tagger’s influencer marketing platform, many creators choose to pitch themselves through social media DM’s (Instagram, TikTok, Twitter), Linkedin connections, or email. Some of the initial tactics range from cold-messaging the brand account to sponsoring a product for them—unprompted—in hopes of starting a conversation, as well as locating the brand’s official PR contact.

Another crucial element of one’s pitch is said to be the implementation of a media kit. A typical media kit includes a cover page, social media metrics, list of past campaigns and brands worked with, average pay rates, and contact information. It basically acts as a more immersive resume—meaning that it does need to be updated from time to time. Needless to say, influencers are now in a better position than ever to leverage themselves and their work for some significant compensation.

Social media metrics = The future of Music data

In this day and age, being a recording artist automatically places you at the intersection of music and influencing. If you want to be as quantifiably successful as possible, you have to be savvy about social media on multiple fronts. Whether it’s figuring out your audience’s general demographic, how to increase your followers, or how to create more engaging promotional content, musicians now have two jobs—on top of the 9-5 that they probably have.

With emerging technology and more ways to measure social success, ausical artists now have the ability make calculated business moves based on the statistical information of their social media accounts. Just as social media has created a culture central to data, the music industry is finally starting to sink its teeth in—on a universal scale.

50 years of The Notorious B.I.G.

Speaking of music, if you were in New York City this past weekend, or if you viewed any content from any NYC-based music influencers, there’s no way you could’ve gone without noticing that it was a special somebody's birthday. Saturday, May 21st, 2022 marked the 50th birthday of the late Christopher Wallace, otherwise known as The Notorious B.I.G. As one of the most prolific lyricists and emcees to come out of NYC, Biggie made an insurmountable impact on the larger hip-hop world, he also left enormous shoes to fill for anybody trying to be like him. With all that he, his music, and his estate have done for New York City, it’s only right that they celebrated the late star’s 50th birthday on multiple levels and occasions.

Part of the celebrations included the coveted release of limited edition MetroCards in select Brooklyn subway stations. The card features the notorious rapper with a crown atop his head, behind him is a black-red gradient background, and above him is a qr code that unlocked Biggie themed Instagram filters. Since there were only 50,000 copies made, there were 2 hour long lines of people extending out of the Lafayette, Clinton-Washington and Atlantic Avenue stations.

Tyler, The Influencer

You may know “Tyler the Creator” from his Odd Future days when he used to run around and do reckless things with his friends. You may also know him from his multiple adult swim TV shows, his past two Grammy award-winning albums, or his successful streetwear brand. Regardless of how or why you may have connected to his brand, Tyler is definitely a revolutionary that you should know about. Initially known for his wild attitude, dynamic personality, and horrorcore lyrics, Tyler Okonma has artistically grown and developed into a trailblazing creative and all around savant. His most recent album, Call Me If You Get Lost, was accompanied by a national arena tour—which went on to earn nearly $33M. With 33 shows and 32 cities on the tour, Okonma was raking in an average of $1.02M per show. The Call Me If You Get Lost Tour also became the highest-grossing rap tour during the pandemic. He finished the tour at the end of April with an Amazon powered and live streamed show in Los Angeles—so even if you couldn’t purchase a ticket, you still were able to experience it.

In the spirit of being a mega influencer multi-hyphenate, Tyler also announced a new collaboration with Converse. In a partnership with Tyler’s brand, GOLF WANG, Converse sold customizable Golf themed Chuck 70’s. With the option to add unique logos and graphics, fans are able to create a truly one of a kind sneaker.

Harry Styles: Becoming an Icon

I’ve written about it a few times already but Harry Styles is having an iconic year of growth and success on and off line. After headlining two highly talked about Coachella performances, the artist broke streaming records with the release of his single “As It Was”. It all makes sense because everything was in support of his most recent album, Harry’s House, which is set to debut at #1 on the charts with sales projections ranging from 450k-500k units. Within three days of release, the physical album sold more than 146,000 copies, shattering the records held by Tyler, the Creator and Taylor Swift—respectively, largest first-week vinyl sales for a solo male album, and largest first week for any album. Apparently, Harry Styles is here to stay!

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