How to use influencer lists and labels to curate your own talent pool

Greg Scavuzzo

18 Oct 2021 · 2 min read


Finding the perfect creators for a new influencer marketing campaign can be a daunting task, even with the help of a technology platform. Starting from scratch every single time you get a new brief means you have to narrow down the pool from millions of social profiles using multiple search filters, often using the same set of filters over and over.

If you know you’re going to be running social media campaigns for a particular brand or vertical more than once, it’s incredibly helpful to create your own talent pool from which to draw influencers you already know have been vetted and approved. Curating a list of influencers for your organization can cut your sourcing time in half, making your pre-campaign planning and outreach more efficient and effective.

Of course, you should always continue to add and curate your lists of influencers based on new use cases and experiences. You can make note of people you’ve worked with on past campaigns and would enjoy partnering with again. Essentially, having the means to create your own curated list of online creators can be an incredibly valuable step in saving your agency or brand time and money in the influencer hiring process.

Once you’ve curated a list of creators who would be a good fit for your brand or client, you can use data points like audience demographics, audience location, creator location, language and more to narrow down the pool for each use case rather than having to start from scratch each time.

Here are a few real-life examples of campaigns where marketers have employed the use of curated labels for lists of pre-approved influencers to save time and resources as they execute campaigns (brand names have been removed for privacy reasons)...

At Tagger, we’ve made it easy for our users to save lists of pre-approved and vetted influencers with our Labels feature. Users can curate, save, update, and share lists of creators all on platform, thereby eliminating the need for outdated spreadsheets or multiple platforms.

To see how we allow marketers to make their influencer discovery and hiring processes more efficient while helping them drive and report ROI, request a live demo. Already a Tagger user and want to learn how to take advantage of the Labels feature? Contact your dedicated CS rep!

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