How to find fashion influencers for your summer campaigns

Kelsey Formost

22 Jun 2021 · 2 min read


People are stepping out again after over a year of being stuck in their homes and one thing is certain; they’re tired of the same old loungewear sets! Summer 2021 presents an amazing opportunity for fashion brands, especially smaller indie brands, to partner with influencers and reach new audiences who are hungry for something to boost their confidence and lift their spirits as they re-enter society.

But influencer marketing is about more than just looking through the same old hashtags on Instagram, googling “fashion influencer”, and blindly DM-ing creators hoping they’ll work with you. Get the most bang for your buck by doing targeted research and following these tips for the most successful summer fashion campaigns…

Go Micro

Think small to scale big. Tagger ran a huge study that covered the most successful influencer marketing campaigns in various verticals over the past twelve months. When we looked at the data for the fashion industry, we found that fashion influencers in the micro and mid-tier categories had the highest engagement rates of almost category (the only other category that came close was beauty) with an average of over 4%.

The reason for this is that influencers with smaller follower numbers tend to have more engaged audiences. There is more of a feeling of personal connection, and even trust and friendship that gets cultivated over time. In fact, a recent study found that 91% of millennials and Gen Z social media users trust the opinions of influencers as much or more than the opinions of friends or family.

The most valuable creators are those with the highest engagement rates, and the highest engagement rates are usually found in the 10K-75K follower range. Use a platform like Tagger to quickly filter influencers by their engagement rates and follower counts so you can establish a clear baseline for a successful summer fashion campaign

Go Local

When searching for influencers for fashion campaigns, it’s often a good idea to partner with creators in targeted local markets, especially if you’re an indie brand. But it’s important to distinguish you don’t just want to look at where the influencer themselves is located; you want to understand where their audience is primarily located.

Use technology to filter creators by their audience demographics in order to ensure you’re targeting the right people who are most likely to be interested in your brand. If you have a tool like Tagger you can take it a few steps further and look at the age, gender, and affinities of an influencer’s audience to get even more specific with your targeting!

Lean into your story & brand values

One of the most amazing advantages of working with influencers (instead of simply running ad campaigns) is the ability to tell your story. Partner with influencers whose audiences care about your brand story and values; are you female founded? Do you take a firm stance on eco-friendliness? Do you contribute to social justice funds or seek to amplify underrepresented voices? Influencer marketing is an excellent opportunity to put your money where your mouth is - and let your ideal customers see you do it.

Make your outreach seamless and personal

No one likes to get an impersonal message from a faceless company, including influencers. Make sure you’re able to reach out to your ideal creators, at scale, but still able to maintain a friendly tone. Mention their past work or complement their aesthetic, especially in your initial emails. Showing these influencers that you’ve done your homework is a great way to increase the likelihood they’ll want to work with you not just on one summer campaign, but on future campaigns as well!

Finding the right influencers all comes down to applying multiple search filters and KPIs to your process. (Read the 5 KPIs we recommend every marketer set before starting their influencer search!).

Technology allows you to do this seamlessly in less time than it would take to do this manually. If you’d like to see how Tagger’s influencer discovery tool helps marketers efficiently identify the best creators for their campaigns you can schedule a demo here.

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