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Case Study: How Influencer Marketing can be used as an App Store Optimization (ASO) tactic

Simon Yi

07 May 2020 · 2 min read


Influencer marketing is a tried-and-true way to get brands in front of the right consumers on social media. But many aren’t aware of the incredible value & ROI that Influencer Marketing campaigns can drive for app store optimization (ASO) of mobile apps.

This case study will show how we used Influencer Marketing tactics to help mental health app Bloom greatly improve their ASO while generating a 100% Return On Investment using influencers to drive paid member sign-ups.

Case Study: How Bloom App leveraged influencer marketing to amplify results

Bloom is a digital cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) app that helps people manage stress and anxiety.

As a digital therapy app, Bloom wanted to leverage how consumers were planning out their new year’s resolutions for 2020 by tapping into a network of influencers on Instagram to introduce Bloom to their followers. The Bloom team had previously never tried influencer marketing as a user acquisition tactic and hired us at The Hand to run their first influencer campaign in January 2020.

Our Influencer Campaign Tactics, Step By Step

Using the Tagger platform, we quickly identified a list of 4,000+ influencers who were based in the United States, spoke English, reached women between 25 and 55 years old (Bloom’s core user demographic), and mentioned one or more of the following keywords: meditation, mindfulness, manage stress, manage anxiety, and therapy. We were able to find the email addresses associated with these Influencer accounts and programmatically reached out to them over an email drip series sent over a 3 week period.

Once we established an initial baseline response rate, we split tested email subject lines, send triggers and email attachments to improve the response rate by an additional +24% in our second batch of influencers we reached out to. By optimizing the response rate, we were able to yield more user-generated reviews in a shorter period of time. Additionally, we drove more organic searches (eg: “bloom therapy app”, “bloom CBT app”) for Bloom’s Apple App Store page through Influencer reviews.

The Results

Over the course of the New Year’s Resolution campaign, we were able to drive over 1.8 million impressions from 75+ influencers who left an honest review of the app. We delivered over a 100% Return on Investment (ROI) using influencers to drive paid member sign-ups.

In addition, we were able to improve Bloom’s App Store Optimization (ASO) efforts by increasing the number of times that people searched for Bloom’s digital therapy app and the number of times people clicked on the Bloom app after searching for non-branded keywords like ‘digital therapy app’ and ‘mindfulness app’.

Continued Success Beyond the Initial Campaign

Based on the success of this campaign, the Bloom team hired a part-time influencer marketing coordinator to continue the influencer outreach program. Bloom continues to double its paid subscriber base monthly, using a combination of influencer, tactical paid social and apple search ads.

While influencer marketing may appear to be a brand marketing tool, influencers can help drive direct response and improve app store optimization (ASO) for mobile apps.

Simon Yi is a growth partner and performance marketing specialist at marketing & advertising group, The Hand.

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