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Instagram algorithm will now prioritize original content; here’s how that affects your influencer strategy

Kelsey Formost

26 Apr 2022 · 1 min read


Keeping track of updates to social platform algorithms isn’t just a valuable practice for creators, it’s a way for marketers to understand how they can increase campaign ROI.

Earlier this week, Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri announced that the app will now start prioritizing original content from creators rather than re-posted, previously published content. While the details of how Instagram will delineate original content from re-posted remain in flux, we know a few things for certain.

It’s an excellent idea to ask creators to publish the content they create for your brand via multiple channels, however, in order to avoid being penalized by this algorithm update, you have to be sure the piece of content is created and edited in an outside app, then posted to social via the creator's phone gallery. Content that has a watermark from an app other than Instagram- like TikTok, for example- will definitely be de-prioritized by the algorithm. Keep this in mind when you hire creators to post on multiple platforms!

Even before this algorithm update, the data has shown the benefits for brands publishing original content created by influencers. In studying average engagement rates for our series of vertical-specific social media reports, we found it to be true across the board that branded content created by influencers outperformed content produced by the brand itself by an average of almost %1000+. This means that brands should absolutely be focused on sharing and promoting original content created by influencers.

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