NEWS: Instagram releases new guidelines on Reels, no longer promoting videos with TikTok watermark

Kelsey Formost

16 Feb 2021 · 1 min read


Instagram has just released new guidelines that let users know it will no longer be promoting Reels that show the watermark of an alternate social media platform, like TikTok.

Over the past six months that Reels have been available, Instagram’s algorithm has been boosting engagement, visibility, and overall stats for those users who create and share these short form videos with their followers. Until now, that has included content that was created on an alternate platform (like TikTok) then shared via Instagram Reels.

When Reels launched, it was clear the Instagram was hoping to lure users away from TikTok by providing an alternative short-form video feature. But at the time of launch, many critics stated that the creative tools on Instagram weren’t as robust as the ones available on TikTok, and thought it unlikely TikTok users would migrate away from their new short-form video platform of choice.

However as time went on and the benefits of using Reels to boost engagement and overall analytics on Instagram became apparent, many creators began re-posting their content on multiple platforms, utilizing TikTok’s more advanced video editing tools to create videos, then sharing and promoting those videos on both TikTok and Instagram Reels.

Now, Instagram is saying it will be updating its algorithm so that videos that bear a TikTok watermark, or a watermark from any other platform, will no longer be promoted. In short, content must be created on the Instagram Reels platform to garner the same boost in engagement.

Instagram shared this update via their @creators account which details best practices for creators for getting their content seen & promoted. Additionally, more insights were shared in the second episode of Facebook’s new ‘Tips’ series, complete with an instructional video on creating a Reel that will optimize engagement and make content more likely to be seen and promoted.

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