15 military appreciation accounts to support this Memorial Day

Grace Donelson

26 May 2021 · 5 min read


For over a century, Americans have celebrated Memorial Day, honoring our fallen service members through various traditions. Parades, visiting battlefields, and raising a flag are just some of the ways many Americans choose to honor these brave soldiers on Memorial Day Weekend, but social media has made it easier than ever before to expand these traditions and learn more about history.

Plenty of Nonprofit organizations benefitting Military service members and families of fallen veterans are pivoting towards social media to increase their impact and spread audience awareness. High Instagram engagement, growth, and Facebook engagement are some of the standout metrics of these accounts, projecting continued growth for their platforms.

Using the Tagger Platform’s mentions, growth, and keyword toggles, we found these 15 Military nonprofits and appreciation accounts to support this Memorial Day.

Modern Military Association of America (@lgbtq_military) - Through advocating for fairness and equality for the LGBTQ military and veteran community, audiences can see much of MMAA’s work on their social media. Some tactics include infographics and regular Instagram story content, and link sharing through Twitter and Facebook. With 30 individual mentions and 80+ brand mentions, MMAA’s budding audience received the most attention from these mentions- with continued collaborations, their audience will only grow with these strategies.

Carry The Load (@carrytheload) - A nonprofit organization honoring the sacrifices of America’s military, veterans, first responders, and their families, Carry The Load’s 7% growth rate over the last 90 days and high engagement rates are the tip of the iceberg to their engagement metrics. With an audience of just under 10k, their micro-influencer size allows for a consistently higher engagement rate and mentions count. Since May 2020, the organization has had over 60 total mentions from other accounts.

The Patriot’s Initiative (@thepatriotsinitiative) - With a complete directory of vetted nonprofit organizations serving our nation’s armed forces, The Patriots Initiative’s organization itself is about connecting active armed forces, veterans, and their families with necessities to improve their quality of life. Their social media presence reflects both their efforts and their successes while honoring service members all the while. Their growth and engagement rate hovering in the 5-7% range has continued to grow positively over the past year.

Fisher House Foundation (@fisherhousefdtn) - Through fixing up and flipping old houses, Fisher House Foundation keeps military and veteran families together while getting medical treatment. They document their journey on the Fisher House Instagram with consistent IG stories, carousels, and reels. With almost 150k Facebook follows and 29k Twitter followers, Fisher House’s Instagram might prove to be a micro-influencer-sized audience, but it still has the highest engagement rates of their other accounts. Facebook and Twitter are still tracking high engagement rates, with nearly all engagement rates higher than Tagger’s benchmarks.

Minority Veterans of America (@minorityvets) - An organization changing the narrative of the American veteran, Minority Veterans of America works specifically to include minorities such as People of Color, LGBTQ+, Women, and Religious Minorities. With smaller Instagram and Twitter accounts, the organization has seen faster growth with Facebook, where a recent post received 393 shares in May 2021. With a solid audience size on Facebook, it should be easy for the organization to pivot their growth strategy to Instagram and Twitter.

Folds of Honor (@foldsofhonor) - Offering scholarships to the children and spouses of America’s fallen or disabled service members, Folds of Honor’s work is thoroughly highlighted on the nonprofit’s social media. Their Instagram has grown by 10k since May 2020, with their growth rate over 90 days at a steady 3.25%. With 1.3k organic individual mentions sharing posts from the organization and 30 sponsored mentions, the potential reach for these mentions is as high as 2.2 million.

USO (@theuso) - Founded in 1941, the USO has had no problem staying up to date with new technologies and influencer marketing to reach their audiences. Their Instagram has grown by over 30k in the past year, and their Facebook and Twitter have steadily grown as well. Over 4k individual mentions are split between the organization’s platforms, with 117 sponsored mentions with as high as 1m potential reaches.

Disabled American Veterans - A nonprofit supporting veterans of all generations and their families, DAV’s 1million+ members reflect in their social media presence. Over 50k on Instagram is impressive, but their Twitter and Facebook are even more significant with nearly 100k followers and 1.4M likes, respectively. DAV has almost 700 individual mentions from celebs Gary Sinise and Martina McBride and a variety of micro to mega-influencers.

Hope For The Warriors (@hope4warriors) - Serving post-9/11 service members, veterans, and military families in America, Hope For The Warriors has nearly doubled in Instagram following since May 2020. With 300 individual mentions and over 400 brand mentions over the last year, mentions from other accounts have been a crucial part of influencer marketing contributing to their growth. With potential reach as high as 1.5M on some posts, their mentions will only continue to help broaden their reach and brand awareness.

Active Valor (@activevalor) - With just under 5k followers, Active Valor’s social media is nevertheless growing fast. The nonprofit that pairs veterans with children of America’s fallen heroes for new adventures has an incredibly high engagement rate and a steady growth rate on both of their social media platforms. With Instagram’s engagement hovering in the 2-3% range and Facebook’s engagement between .38% and .48%, both of their engagement rates are well above the benchmark.

Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (@tapsorg) - As the name suggests, TAPS is a nonprofit organization caring for families of America’s heroes. Their social media page acts much like their program might, offering tips and advice for common hardships of survivors. TAPS uses influencer marketing to get their content to a wider audience and grow. The organization’s Instagram has grown by over 2k in the last 6 months, their other social medias proving just as impressive. The organization regularly utilizes Facebook, with their more popular posts getting as many as 60 shares in one day.

Operation Gratitude (@opgratitude) - focused on the relationship between Americans and their military/first responders, Operation Gratitude works to spread awareness to Americans and encourage engagement with armed forces. Over 700 individual mentions from micro and mega-influencers alike help boost their profile, with everyone from First Lady Jill Biden to Chris Hemsworth shouting out the organization.

Children of Fallen Patriots (@fallenpatriots) - An organization providing scholarships to military children who lost a parent in the line of duty, Fallen Patriots has raised over $700,00 for their 2021 Fund a Scholar scholarship alone. Their extensive work has helped many families, and their organization’s use of social media has aided in spreading awareness about their cause. Though the organization hasn’t been actively utilizing individual mentions to boost their reach, they have found high engagement in their micro-influencer-sized audience. Their last individual mention came from actress Michelle Monaghan, tracking over 400,000 in potential reach- proving the often underestimated power of influencer marketing!

Homes For Our Troops (@homesforourtroops) - With a solid presence on nearly every platform, Homes For Our Troops shares their mission to build and donate specially-adapted custom homes for veterans. Featuring actual veterans and families who have benefited from the organization, their Youtube has some great metrics for their audience, with their highest view count reaching 250. The organization also has some great engagement metrics on their Instagram, with their posts staying in the 2-3% range. The organization has been featured and mentioned by 1.6k+ individuals across their platforms, with everyone from Jake Tapper to Mindy Kaling highlighting the excellent work this organization does.

Semper Fi & America’s Fund (@semperfifund) - A nonprofit fund ensuring service members have what they need for recovery and transition back into their communities, Semper Fi Fund has a highly engaged audience on all platforms. Over 1.1k individual mentions over the past year have put their account further into the spotlight, with posts having a potential reach as high as 2.2M. Their Instagram growth rate of 2.5% over the last 90 days looks like it will only continue as the organization shares consistent, engaging content.

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