This Season's RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars Contestants are Slaying Influencer Marketing

Grace Donelson

09 Jun 2021 · 4 min read


Premiering on June 24th, the 6th season of RuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars brings together a mix of Drag Race contestants from years past- some of which have already been on All Stars! By bringing fan-favorite queens together to sashay, strut, and lip-sync for their life in competition, the buzz on social media surrounding these queens is more than ever.

With most of these Drag Race veterans already having substantial followings on social media, the new season has given their platforms another boost. As soon as RuPaul announced this season’s cast, all of the queens’ social media saw higher growth rates, spikes in engagement, and more frequent brand collaborations. Their active social media presence mixed with some long-term partnerships means many of these queens are long-time influencers.

Using the Tagger platform, we broke down the influencer marketing tactics that this season’s All Star group has put to use for their brand reach and awareness, showing how fierce these queens are

  1. Jan Sport (@janjanjan) - Originally on Season 12 of Rupaul’s Drag Race, Jan Sport’s return marks the highest engagement she has seen on her Instagram profile. With over 500k followers, her growth rate is nearing 20% and her highest engagement rate- a photo announcing her return to Drag Race All Stars- is ringing in at 28%. Her high engagement rates translate to high engagement counts, an average of 88,000 on her Instagram. Although Jan Sport has a following that lands her in a mid-tier influencer category, her engagement rates are still high for such a large audience.
  2. Akeria Chanel Davenport (@mizakeriachanel) - Since her time on Drag Race season 11, Akeria Chanel Davenport has stayed busy. A partnership with got2b hair products and appearing in Taylor Swift music video for the song “You Need to Calm Down” are only skimming the surface of Davenport’s recent activity with every second documented on her Instagram. Following her announcement of her return to Drag Race All Stars, Davenport’s Instagram growth spurt looks to be a direct result, coinciding with her post.
  3. Eureka O’Hara (@eurekaohara) - Although Eureka’s Instagram saw a slight decline before she announced her return to All Stars, her growth following has undoubtedly made up for any loss of followers before. O’Hara has worked closely with brands HBO Max, Barefoot Wine, and Zales Jewelers. These brands occupy very different categories but prove the versatility a single influencer can have to encourage reach and brand awareness across a wide variety of companies.
  4. Ginger Minj (@gingerminj) - Just as the queens above have shown, Ginger Minj experienced a growth spurt following the announcement of her return to Drag Race. Not only did this lead to more engagement and higher audience numbers on her accounts, but more mentions from other brands and influencers. Since just May 24th, 2021, Minj’s account has grown by over 7k.
  5. Jiggly Caliente (@jiggycalienteofficial) - Following her Season Four run on Drag Race, Caliente landed a recurring role on FX’s Pose and has acted in multiple other films and TV series. As seen on her Instagram, displays of all of Caliente’s work are a big hit for engagement and growth metrics. Her highest-engaged post comes from announcing her return to Drag Race All Stars, clocking in at 19%. Since the announcement, her account has grown from 181k to 197k.
  6. Pandora Boxx (@pandoraboxx) - Drag Queen, comedian, and even musician, Pandora Boxx has appeared on two seasons of Drag Race All Stars to date. Boxx’s Tagger page shows her presence on basically every platform, from Youtube to Facebook to Soundcloud. Her growth has spiked considerably since the announcement of this season’s All Star cast, bumping her Instagram from 358k to 364k since May 20th. Additionally, her show posts have seen higher engagement and more audience buzz since the pre-season promo began.
  7. Benni Rajah Ohara Miller (@therajahoharashow) - With just over 100k followers, Benni Rajah O’Hara Miller’s engagement has been one of the most impressive metrics after her All Star season 6 announcement. O’Hara Miller’s Instagram engagement is solid at 12-15%, calculating around 13,000 engagements per post. Her brand mentions include collaborations with got2b, Mac Cosmetics, and Morphe.
  8. Scarlet Envy (@scarletenvy) - A single glance at Scarlet Envy’s overall Tagger metrics page shows the surge her accounts have seen since this season’s cast announcements. Comparably, Envy’s engagement rates are strong, with the majority of her posts outperforming the benchmarks. Her highest engaged posts are all from Drag Race photoshoots, likely receiving traffic from other drag race contestants and the show’s followers.
  9. Serena ChaCha (@myron.morgan) - Growing fast after she announced this season’s All Stars cast, Serena ChaCha is quickly on her way to 50k on Instagram. Her social media presence shows high engagement and many brand collaborations. ChaCha’s mentions allow for higher engagement with a smaller audience, spotlighting brands such as Anastasia Beverly Hills and her most recent collaboration with Manic Panic haircare.
  10. Silky Ganache (@silkyganache) - After appearing on season 11 of Rupaul’s Drag Race, Silky Nutmeg Ganache is back with a bang and so is her Instagram. Ganache’s Insta has seen positive growth from 232k to 238k since she promised to return to the drag race stage. With 722 branded mentions from her Instagram, Ganache regularly highlights the brands she uses on her platform.
  11. Kylie Sonique Love (@xosonique) - Placing 9th on her original Drag Race season, Kylie Sonique Love’s social media has grown since the announcement of All Stars season 6. Additionally, love’s engagement on her All Stars announcement post has reached an engagement rate of 25%, definitely contributing to her climbing growth of over 25k. Mentions from B’calla, Ivy Park, and Moschino are just some of the many brands featured on Love’s account.
  12. Trinity K Bone’t (@trinitykbonet) - Though her season 6 run was in 2014, Trinity K Bone’t has seen Instagram growth since 2017. More recently, her growth spiked with All Star announcements, going from 340k to 358k in less than a month. Bone’t’s brand mentions are fewer than many of the other queens on this list, but they feature high fashion brands like Gucci and Versace. Additionally, her engagements are rolling in at 14k for Instagram carousel posts.
  13. Yara Sofia (@yarasofiapr) - having grown from 300k to 313k in the last month, Yara Sofia’s run on this season of All Stars looks like it will continue to bring her platforms growth. The queen’s mentions feature 700 brands, including one of the many places she performs, Piranha Nightclub. This partnership is essential because it’s a long-term relationship with an influencer that truly puts Piranha consistently onto audience’s feeds.

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