Social listening is the key to finding your perfect (influencer) match

Ali Zidich

13 Feb 2020 · 2 min read


No matter what your brand or product is, a single, positive review or recommendation from a trusted source can convert more viewers than any other marketing scheme.

The key here is TRUST. Influencer marketing is so much more effective than advertising because it taps into shared affinities and common experience. Despite its high ROI, influencer marketing is a wasted investment if you’re not connecting with the right people. The right influencer will already have cultivated an audience of engaged viewers primed to respond positively to your brand.

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Niched-Based Content Creators

You’ve heard of the trend of hiring micro and nano influencers - creators with smaller followings but whose audience is more engaged. While it’s tempting to just go off follower numbers or engagement rate, if you take it a step further, you’ll find that true success (and better ROI) goes beyond these vanity metrics. In the end, it comes down to affinities and content.

The more niched-down an influencer’s content, the more likely you are to get the response you desire.

So how do you find nice-based content creators? Well, you could waste hours trolling through google, referencing spreadsheets that you constantly have to manually update, or go back to the same old barrel of influencers.

But what if you could discover a whole NEW barrel of influencers, perfectly tailored to your brand? Enter: social listening.

Social Listening; Discovery & Research Put Into Action

Vanity metrics like follower count, likes, comments, etc. only give brands a surface-level understanding of an influencer’s ability to engage their audience in a meaningful way. Social listening allows brands to dive much deeper into the feeling behind the data like:

…& SO much more.

Social listening is essentially a way for brands to identify who’s already talking about them in a positive way, and then use that information to build a campaign that’s set up for success from the start. It’s a shortcut to working with people who are primed to represent you in a positive light to an engaged group of viewers who will be excited about your brand.

It’s worth noting that social listening isn’t just social media monitoring. Social monitoring is simply collecting data. Social Listening is understanding the feeling behind the data to improve your outreach and strategy.

If you want to learn more about how we can help you use social listening to find the perfect influencers for your campaigns, we’d love to hear from you!

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