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NEWS: Tagger Media Integrates Shopify

Dave Dickman

08 Aug 2022 · 1 min read


Announcing Tagger's official integration with eCommerce giant Shopify! This exciting move allows for seamless creator product fulfillment and sales attribution, serving to scale influencer marketing campaigns and cementing Tagger as the go-to resource for brands, agencies, and creators.

“At Tagger, we’re laser focused on providing our clients with a powerhouse of data and analytical tools to drive strategic campaign research, planning and execution at scale,” said Christopher Gesualdi, Head of Product at Tagger. “We’re thrilled to team up with Shopify to optimize the product fulfillment experience between brands and creators, streamlining workflows and, ultimately, strengthening business outcomes.”

The Shopify integration will serve as a seamless UI where creators can review proposals, make product selections, confirm delivery information, and understand campaign requirements. Brands can also develop unique discount codes or imported codes from Shopify for attribution tracking.

Additional product developments

This announcement marks the latest in a series of developments Tagger launched in June geared towards a focus in providing users with the most accurate, tangible data situated on a platform designed by marketers for workflow efficiency. These enhancements include:

To learn more about Tagger's product developments, Shopify integration, or to see how the platform can inform your marketing strategies, request a demo here.

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