Top 10 Instagram accounts making the world a better place

Grace Donelson

21 Apr 2021 · 3 min read


Whether impassioned by saving the environment or fighting against social injustice, social media users are finding ways to be activists in their own communities and beyond. There is no denying the power social media has in boosting social justice campaigns, even capable of inspiring international protests. Social media’s power to spread information is why non-profit organizations and charities are increasingly active on social media, maximizing their platforms.

Many of these social media pages feature fellow activists and use infographics to make their information easy to share and digest. Shareable content is a pinnacle of social media activism and can be very effective, catering to audiences’ shorter attention spans and expediting the ability to share info.

Using the Tagger platform’s growth, affinity, and mentions, we found ten follows to make the world a better place.

The Conscious Kid (@theconsciouskid) - An education, research, and policy organization dedicated to equity and promoting healthy racial identity development in youth, The Conscious Kid’s achievements only continue to grow. In 2020 alone, the organization partnered up with Nickelodeon, Google, and multiple booksellers to reach wider audiences. These achievements alone are impressive, but factoring in how social media has helped The Conscious Kid’s audience growth also shows some remarkable strategies. With mentions from celebrities and activists Amanda Gorman, Jameela Jamil, and Blake Lively, the organization’s social media engagement and growth have skyrocketed. With just under 250k at the beginning of 2020, The Conscious Kid’s Instagram left the year with over 2 million followers.

Charnaie (@hereweeread) - As a diversity and inclusion expert, Charnaie’s account Here Wee Read focuses on helping followers find diverse books and educational content for children. Charnaie’s account has grown from 50k in January 2020 to 330k as of April 2021. With just under 1k individual mentions, Charnaie receives regular mentions from family influencers and teachers. A podcast and blog afford more outlets and ready information for followers and ultimately make Charnae even more engaging and accessible to audiences than before.

AAPI Women Lead (@aapiwomenlead) - Recognizing the need for more accurate and diverse representations of AAPI women and girls in the United States, AAPI Women Lead has made great strides uplifting and empowering stories of AAPI women. Their Instagram displays their ongoing activism and engagement with their social media audience. With growth from 16k in November 2020 to 95k as of March 2021, its efforts, including organic social media mentions and Instagram story reposting, are two highlights of its effective Instagram strategy.

Black Lives Matter (@blklivesmatter) - Founded in 2013, Black Lives Matter’s mission to eradicate white supremacy and racially motivated violence has received widespread support from communities all over the world. Advocating for a wide array of policies, the organization’s work is also heavily shared on their social media. With engagement rates reaching as high as 22% on specific posts, BLM’s social media is an effective tool to spread their advocacy, promoting growth along the way.

The Female Activists (@thefemaleactivists) - Run by two young female activists, this account promotes self-love, female empowerment, and inclusivity through sharing knowledge and highlighting voices of marginalized communities. The Female Activists have achieved steady growth on their accounts and regular mentions from micro and macro-influencers.

So, You Want to Talk About (@soyouwanttotalkabout) - One of the social media pioneers of the “graphic slideshow” to share information on Instagram, So You Want To Talk About effectively used this format to dissect progressive politics and social issues. Their structure has proven effective in growth, engagement, and organic mentions. In this case, the organic mentions typically include someone re-sharing an infographic or graphic slideshow from the SYWTTA account. This form of social media sharing and influencer marketing has only relatively begun, proving exciting possibilities for influencer and Social media marketing.

Peahce Project (@thepeahceproject) - By publishing art, writing, and more, the Peahce project celebrates Asian identity through media. Already establishing a steady growth rate, the Peahce project also has engagement rates on many graphics surpassing 100%. These engagement rates only begin to show the effectiveness of infographics in social media, showing their accessibility and willingness for audiences to engage.

Human Rights Watch (@humanrightswatch) - Just recently hitting 1M followers, Human Rights Watch is an organization working to defend human rights, advocating for meaningful change. The organization’s social media presence features frequent use of infographics and collaborations with other organizations worldwide. Their approach covers a wide variety of topics and targets a broader audience, ultimately spreading their advocacy farther on social media. Over 4k individual mentions for their account further show the shareability of the organization’s advocacy, as many of these mentions are reposts or reshares of infographic posts.

Act to Change (@acttochange) - A nonprofit organization against bullying, Act to Change’s small platform hasn’t stopped them from growing at a rapid rate. Their engagement is also high, and their mentions feature celebrities with large audiences like Jessica Alba and Jhene Aiko. With mentions coming in from mega-influencers and celebs alike, Act to Change’s sudden growth has been swift and shows no signs of slowing down.

LGBT_History (@lgbt_history) - Offering accessible, accurate, and radical queer history, LGBT History’s page features intimate and truthful stories from LGBT history, stories that have previously been ignored. Featuring mentions from Miley Cyrus and Laverne Cox, the page’s growth of over 100k in the past year isn’t surprising. As their growth continues, collaborations with celebrities and mega-influencers could continue to prove helpful for growing their brand awareness.

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