Top Podcasts Using Influencer Marketing

Grace Donelson

29 Jul 2021 · 3 min read


The podcasting industry is one of the fastest-growing businesses globally, boosted by social media, TV adaptations, and audience frenzy. Fan events and live shows get fans in touch with podcasters, but their main engagement point is social media. This means influencer marketing is a potent tool in the podcasting world. In fact, “60% of listeners searched for a product after hearing about it in a podcast,” according to Semrush.

As a naturally freeform and experimental medium, podcasting affords brands the ability to target specific audiences, leverage high engagement rates, and audience loyalty. Using the Tagger platform’s growth and affinity toggles, we found these 12 podcasts using influencer marketing to grow

  1. My Favorite Murder (@myfavoritemurder) - One of the original “true crime” podcasts, My Favorite Murder has continued to grow on all social platforms. With the release of the book “Stay Sexy Don’t Get Murdered,” the show has worked with several micro-influencers to promote the show and book.
  2. Wait, Hold Up! (@waitholduppod) - Follow Jessica Molina and Yarel Ramos as they figure out life with experts, friends, and others. The two hosts are influencers themselves and have regularly leveraged their platforms to boost the podcast’s account. At just over 7k followers, the podcast has almost 150 individual mentions from multiple influencers. As their growth rate approaches 10%, expect this podcast to grow fast!
  3. Black Girls Texting (@blackgirlstexting) - Black Girls Texting is a weekly podcast featuring Chelsea Pinky, Glynn Pogue, and Sade Parham as they spill all the tea featured in their group chat. Taking an innovative approach to their influencer marketing, the show has partnered with Ketel One on Instagram Live for a #HappyHour with followers that ended up with over 10k reach.
  4. The Dollop Podcast (@dolloppodcast) - The Dollop is a weekly history podcast covering previously unknown history with comedians Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds. The podcast regularly lands at the top of the charts, and its Instagram has grown by over 2k in the past two months.
  5. Lady Gang (@ladygang) - With over 120k followers, Lady Gang- hosted by trio Keltie Knight, Jac Vanek, and Becca Tobin- has collaborated on several influencer marketing campaigns. In partnership with the aforementioned Black Girls Texting Podcast, Lady Gang has collaborated on their influencer campaign with Ketel One. Beyond this, Lady Gang has worked with Joss & Main, Netflix, Charlotte Tilbury, and Capri BLUE.
  6. My Dad Wrote a Porno (@mydadwrotea) - The award-winning podcast with five seasons and a streaming special on HBO Max, My Dad Wrote a Porno is one of the top comedy podcasts in the world. The podcast has also utilized its platform to collaborate with brands such as and NOW TV.
  7. Other People’s Lives (@oplpodcast) - Hosted by Joe Santagato and Greg Dybec, Other People’s Lives talks with ordinary people about their extraordinary experiences. With just over 30k, the duo’s podcast platform has a solid following, further boosted by their presence as influencers. The podcast’s branded mentions feature Youtube, gofundme and PopSugar.
  8. Good Moms Bad Choices Podcast (@goodmoms_badchoices) - Growing by nearly 4k in the last four months, the Good Moms Bad Choices Podcast has seen rapid growth. Beyond their regular collaborations, the podcast has partnered with Ladysuite cosmetics, Spotify, and Soundcloud.
  9. Wondery Media (@wonderymedia) - With Dr. Death, Dirty John, Business Wars, and multiple other podcast series under their belt, Wondery Media has created a podcasting empire with TV adaptations for numerous shows. Among their brand partnerships, the company has worked with Westin Hotels for a live performance.
  10. What A Day (@whataday) - Co-hosted by Akilah Hughes and Gideon Resnick, What A Day debuted at number one on the charts and has only grown since. Covering big news in a shorter podcasting format, What A Day is an easy listen for your regular news fill, and listeners have caught on. Most notably, the podcast has reached engagement rates of almost 15%.
  11. Casefile: True Crime Podcast (@casefilepodcast) - A weekly podcast featuring crime stories from around the world, Casefile has released a second podcast as their popularity has continued to grow, “The Invisible Hand.” Casefile’s sponsors and branded content features their ‘influencer’ partnerships with Quip, Calm, and MVMT, and over 1k brand mentions.
  12. Girls Gotta Eat (@girlsgottaeatpodcast) - Hosted by Rayna Greenberg and Ashley Hesseltine, the sex-positive podcast Girls Gotta Eat is making waves in the podcasting industry. Beyond their regular podcast, the girls are currently live touring their show around North America. They have partnered with multiple brands from their podcast social platforms, including, Android, and Postmates.

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