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Top 22 Wine Influencers from Around the World

Grace Donelson

07 Apr 2022 · 6 min read


Wine is an internationally beloved beverage full of rich culture, history, and flavor. According to the Global Wine Industry Market report, the wine industry is also rapidly growing, projected to reach $434.6 Billion by 2027. With the help of influencers, wine brands worldwide are contributing to this growth!

Many wine influencers also happen to be sommeliers or wine professionals, incorporating their extensive knowledge of wine into their influencer marketing in many cases. Whether providing reviews, visiting vineyards, or chatting with followers on IGTV over a glass of pinot, wine influencers provide significant ROI for brands.

Using the Tagger platform’s affinity, keyword, and discovery toggles, we found these 22 wine experts, creators, and influencers worldwide.

  1. Urte Dervynas (@urte_dervynas) Featuring tips on wine, food, and beauty, Urte Dervynas is a sommelier and lifestyle influencer based in Lithuania. With experience as a restaurant consultant and reviewer, Dervynas is featured in several food and wine-focused publications. She has also worked with some of the world’s top wine brands, developing long-term partnerships with Piper-Heidsieck, Veuve Clicquot, and Loimer Wine.
  2. Gabriella Fois (@thewineabout) Wine blogger, reviewer, and influencer Gabriella Fois has grown her Sydney-based blog “The Wine About” to a solid social media platform and clothing line. Fois educates followers on the production of wine, different tasting notes and has managed to land partnerships with over 50 wine brands.
  3. Julia Coney (@juliaconey) Wine expert, writer, and founder of Black Wine Professionals, Julia Coney has turned her expertise in the wine industry into a helpful resource for black wine professionals. As a contributing editor for Wine Enthusiast and Vine Pair, Coney has contributed to several publications and landed numerous brand partnerships. With over 500 food and drink mentions on her Tagger profile, we can see that Coney has worked with J Vineyards, Billecart-Salmon, and Long Meadow Ranch.
  4. Elianne Vink (@eliannedrinkswine) Beyond her already steady pattern of partnering with wine brands, Elianne Vink is a 2021 ‘Winefluencer’ for the village of Rueda, Spain. Her unique partnership with the municipality of Rueda leads to promotions with the entirety of the town’s businesses and vineyards. Vink’s engagement rate of 4% far surpasses the benchmark, showing her ROI potential.
  5. The Champagne Chick (@the_champagne_chick) Based in Cape Town, South Africa, The Champagne Chick covers- you guessed it- Champagne! Her love for bubbly has led to growth across multiple platforms. Brand partnerships for the Champagne Chick feature everything from Le Creuset to Perrier. Still, her most notable brands are Champagne manufacturers such as Bille-Carte Salmon, Dom Perignon, and Veuve Clicquot.
  6. Peter Liem (@peterliem) Wine writer and author of, Peter Liem’s international platform finds his time split between New York City, and Épernay, in the Champagne (duh!) region of France. Between hosting Champagne events, tasting, and reviewing Champagne, Liem finds time for social media where he has reviewed an extensive array of Champagnes and other fine wines. Liem has a potential reach of almost 40,000 and an engagement rate of 3.9%, making him a great potential influencer for brands with similar affinity.
  7. Mallory McEligot (@vineliving) With nearly 200 sponsored mentions, Mallory McEligot has carefully curated her social platforms for influencer marketing. Though McEligot has multiple partnerships with fashion and lifestyle brands, the main focus on her social media is wine. Based in Napa Valley, McEligot’s wine partnerships include Clos du Val Winery, Kendall-Jackson, and the Mondavi Family Wines, among 20+ others.
  8. Georgie Fenn (@winingawaytheweekend) At just under 35k followers, Georgie Fenn’s ‘Wining away the weekend’ platform has incredible reach and engagement with her followers. With a potential reach on her most recent brand posts of over 65k, Fenn’s reach is double her following! Her brand partnerships include smaller wineries such as Waterford Estate and Babylonstoren. Fenn’s UK blog also has partnerships with wineries in the form of wine tastings, educational posts, and winery visits.
  9. Marco Rossi (@marco_loves_acidity) Once a speaker for Wine TV, Rossi reviews and has since curated a line of wines. His platform has been an excellent place for influencer marketing as he has reviewed several wineries and wines on his platform, reaching engagement rates of over 5%. Some brands Rossi has partnered with include Azienda Agricola Foradori and Ferrari Trento.
  10. Marie Von Ahm (@vonahm) Injecting every post with her passion and knowledge of wine, Marie Von Ahm has created a prolific wine critic career while also building her status as a wine influencer. Based in Denmark, Von Ahm has leveraged her audience of 25k to partner with brands such as Delamotte, Catena, and Dr. Loosen Wines.
  11. Gina Estrada (@ginasommelier) Based in Mexico City, Mexico, Gina Estrada’s ‘independent’ sommelier leads to her freedom to partner with many brands. As a brand ambassador for The Cielo in Guadalupe, Mexico, Estrada has a long-term partnership with the winery and has shared over 200 mentions of their wines.
  12. The Wine Wankers (@winewankers) Based in Sydney, Australia, wine-lovers Conrad & Drew have become social media mavericks on almost every major platform. The duo has amassed over 1K brand mentions, with over half of that number being wine brands. The team has worked with many Australia and New-Zealand based wineries such as Brancott Estate, Yalumba, and Jacobs Creek Wine.
  13. Gabrielle Vizzavona (@gabriellevizzavona) Editor-in-chief of Parisian wine publication “Tannen,” Gabrielle Vizzanova has spoken at events worldwide about wine. Notably, she has partnered with Chateau Talbot, Penfolds Wines, and Champagne Krug.
  14. Fabrice Sommier (@fabricesommier) With just under 20k followers, Paris-based master sommelier Fabrice Sommier’s engaged platform has extended his influencer status beyond his blog and social media to include a wine school. Sommier’s dedication to teaching his followers about wine has formed multiple brand partnerships along the way, including Louis Jadot, Mason M. Chapoutier, and Guigal.
  15. Gina Salazar (@ginasalazarcabanas) Based in Mexico, master sommelier Gina Salazar has grown her platform by over 2k since late May. Salazar has established long-term partnerships with wine brands including Catena Malbec, El Cielo, and Adelsheim Vineyard.
  16. Tahiirah Habibi (@sippingsocialite) Founder of The Hue Society, Tahiirah Habibi’s sommelier expertise has landed her on the Forbes 40 under 40 list. Working with a wide range of brands, Habibi has partnered with the McBride Sisters, City Winery, and E & J Gallo Winery.
  17. Nick Stock (@stockwine) Wine critic, writer, and filmmaker based in Australia, Nick Stock has been featured in many publications for his wine reviews. Stock is tracking just under 300 brand mentions, but as his following grows beyond 15k, those mentions will surely increase.
  18. Georgia Panagopoulou (@wine.gini) Digital Wine Marketer and Influencer Georgia Panagopoulou has turned her love of wine into a significant following on Instagram. Panagopoulou has over 110k followers and is featured on nearly every list of wine influencers to date. Her influencer creds feature partnerships with Gérard Bertrand, Minuty, and Miraval.
  19. Maia Parish (@thewinemistress) Napa, Oregon, and Denver-based sommelier, wine writer, educator, and judge, Maia Parish does it all. Parish has kept her followers highly engaged and growing with a podcast, wine events, and regular Instagram lives. Parish has brand partnerships with Bigsby’s Folly, Charles Heidsieck Champagne, and Trefethen Family Vineyards, with posts having a potential reach as high as 50k.
  20. Gloria Valles (@winestyletravel) Wine, food, and travel writer Gloria Valles has amassed nearly 25k followers as an influencer. With over 70 food & drink brand mentions, Valles dedicates most of her social media to wine, highlighting several wine brands including Alta Alella, Babylonstoren, and Planetawinery.
  21. Isis Daniel (@themillenialsomm) Wine Professional turned influencer Isis Daniel has leveraged her unique point-of-view as a millennial in her influencer marketing, specifically connecting to others her age interested in wine. With a blog and multiple social platforms, Daniel has solidified a strong voice and content pattern through #TastingThursdays, and #TMSHappyHour. She features brand partnerships from Ferrari Carano, Champagne Taittinger, and La Crema Winery. 22. Mattia Krug (@mattia.krug) Based in Italy, Mattia Krug has leveraged his sommelier expertise to grow his platform and partner with many wine brands. Hovering at 60k, Krug’s Instagram features partnerships with Castelnovo Franciacorta, Nicholas Feuillatte, and Berlucchi.

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