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Toy Review Influencers Unboxing Major Brands This Holiday Season

Grace Donelson

02 Dec 2021 · 2 min read


Toy Review Influencers have been gaining steady momentum ever since creators such as RyanTube (who brought in over 30M last holiday season) have taken social media by storm, amassing subscriber counts of nearly 15M. The frenzy surrounding toy review accounts increases every year around the holiday season, as kids and their parents begin to create holiday wish lists.

Whether partnering with big names like LEGO and Mattel or bringing awareness to smaller, indie toy creators, these toy influencers are sweeping all social media platforms with regular unboxings and in-depth toy reviews. Thanks to Youtube’s SafeFam program, kids and their parents running their accounts are learning what it means to be kid-safe and brand-safe online, all the while bringing awareness to different brands.

Using the Tagger Platform’s Discovery, Affinity, and Brand Mentions toggles, we found these Toy Review creators actively leveraging their platforms to work with brands this holiday season.

  1. Super Soph (@supers_official) - With nearly 150 sponsored posts on her platforms from a wide variety of brands, Super Soph has partnered with big toy companies on reviews including Crayola, ZURU Toys, and Mattel. Whether posting on TikTok, Youtube, or Instagram, Soph’s growing following makes all of these platforms perfect for brand partnerships.
  2. All Things RJ (@bbhulkrj) - 3-year-old RJ’s Instagram has amassed over 200k followers and features toys, toddlerhood, and toddler fashion. His toy partnerships include Crayola and Jazwares, but RJ also features a variety of other brands including FashionNova on his platform. With a reach of over 350k on Instagram alone, expect more partnerships from RJ’s account in the future.
  3. Ava Toy Show (@avatoyshow) - Beginning with toy reviews at the age of 3, now 10-year-old Ava Wafer has grown her Youtube channel to over 220k followers. Though her Instagram is only at 1.2k, it has a 5% growth rate and 2% engagement rate, showing no signs of slowing down as Ava partners with toy brands including Hasbro.
  4. SuperDuper FunTV (@superduperfuntv) - SuperDuper FunTV is a toy review account with platforms on Instagram, Tiktok, and Youtube. Brand partnerships include Crayola, Hot Wheels, Mattel, and 20 other brands in the games and family category. With no category restrictions, it’s clear the page has a wide variety of partnerships, with over 142 other collaborations
  5. Evie’s Toy House (@eviestoyhouse) - On Evie’s Toy House, Evie’s main content is focused on toy unboxing as well as making custom dolls. Featuring a 5% growth rate on Instagram, Evie’s influence has grown steadily in recent months. At just under 50 brand partnerships, Evie has collaborated with Lalaloopsy, Hatchimals and Friends, and Spin Master Games.
  6. Lyla Grey (@lifewithlyla) - Featuring her acting, dancing, and toy review content, Lyla Grey has amassed nearly 75k followers on Instagram. As Grey’s TikTok begins to grow as well, partnerships have been featured on both platforms. Toy brands include Disney Doorables, Jazwares, and Little Tikes.
  7. Kamden & Kyra (@kyra.and.kam) - Sibling Duo Kamden & Kyra have over 200k subscribers on YouTube, with 4k on TikTok and 2.5K on Instagram. Though majority of their content is YouTube focused, their other platforms are experiencing steady growth as well. Featuring the duo’s skits, challenges, and toys, the siblings have partnered with toy brands Goliath, ZURU Toys, VTechToys, and 20+ others.
  8. Jace’s Playhouse (@jacestoyplayhouse) - 7-year-old Jace and his parents run Jace’s Playhouse, with substantial followings on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. Skits, Cosplay, and toy reviews are all included on his platforms, featuring collaborations with Hasbro, ZURU Toys, and LEGO.
  9. Isabella’s Toy World (@isabellastoyworld) - Found on Youtube and Instagram, Isabella’s Toy Review features almost daily toy reviews. With 1.4k brand mentions, Isabella’s toy reviews reach as many as 140k. With a 2% engagement rate, some of Isabella’s highest engagement rates reach 15-30%.

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