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31 Aug 2020 · 1 min read


Tagger is thrilled to announce a new, exciting partnership with the disruptive music distributor, UnitedMasters. Founded by Steve Stoute, UnitedMasters helps independent artists thrive by connecting them with their fans and uniting them with the world's biggest brands.

UnitedMasters boasts a growing network of 500K+ young, independent music artists and content creators who represent the vanguard of culture. Through data and expertise in the space, UnitedMasters has been able to identify these creators far before they can be detected by most brands or influencer agencies and activate them at scale.

The reach of these artists extends beyond music alone; they are truly cultural game-changers.

This incredible creator network is responsible for viral TikTok challenges like…

‘Wipe It Down’ (12B views); a transformation video trend where users start a video in one outfit, then wipe down a mirror and appear in a new look, wiping again to take them back to the original look, all set to the music of UnitedMasters artist BMW Kenny.

‘Bored In The House’ (4.5B views), After rap mogul Tyga posted the ‘bored in the house’ challenge to Curtis Roach’s song of the same name, the artist’s catalog blew up as the challenge went (VERY) viral...

UnitedMasters artists also boasts multi-platinum & Billboard charting artists & songs like…

Ransom’ by Lil Tecca,
Shotta Flow’ by NLE Choppa’,

& ‘I Need You To’ by Tobe Nwigwe

Brands and agencies can now start to discover these (previously) hard-to-find cutting edge creators using Tagger’s powerful and seamless influencer marketing platform. UnitedMasters has streamlined their artist discovery and activation process by using Tagger to scale their growing portfolio; artists and creators in the UnitedMasters family can now be activated directly through a single point of contact at UnitedMasters: Rachel Richter - rachel.richter@translationllc.com

With Tagger’s easy-to-use platform and seamless UI, brands will be able to quickly identify those emerging artists that align with their strategies and target audience affinities.

These creators and their fans have their fingers on the pulse of micro emerging trends and are the true originators of many mainstream trends. With half a million diverse, emerging artists, UnitedMasters has the right talent to reach the most powerful, trendsetting audiences & ignite word of mouth across any brand vertical.

If you'd like to know more about how Tagger can help you discover the perfect influencers for your campaigns, click here to set up a free demo.

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