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Visual Artists with Brand Partnerships

Grace Donelson

31 Mar 2022 · 1 min read


Visual art mediums provide an incredible opportunity for artistic innovation- specifically, digital illustration has gained popularity as it has become more accessible. Many artists have turned to the digitization of their art through methods like Procreate and Adobe Photoshop. Conversely, artists who have not digitized their artwork still see success and popularity through social media promotion of art shows.

Creative social media methods like sharing art processes on TikTok and YouTube or even participating in live streams while creating have become more popular. Many artists also offer commission requests, online courses, and even merchandise, boosting their engagement with audiences. While the Instagram benchmark engagement rate is sitting around 2% currently, the majority of the artists below are spiking well into the 10-15% engagement rate region.

Using Tagger's modular reporting capabilities, we built a report showing off 20 incredible visual artists partnering with brands and seeing stunning engagement!

  1. Heather Day (@heatherday) -
  2. Maria-Ines Gul (@mariainesgul) -
  3. Daria Solak (@daria_solak_illustrations) -
  4. KiNDAH KHALiDY (@kindahkhalidy) -
  5. Lorien Stern (@lorienstern) -
  6. Reyna Noriega (@reynanoriega_) -
  7. Jade Purple Brown (@jadepurplebrown) -
  8. Chuck Styles (@chuckstyless) -
  9. Ashley Mary (@ashleymaryart) -
  10. Ruby Taylor (@rubyst) -
  11. Gary Komarin (@garykomarin) -
  12. Holly Maguire (@hollymaguireuk) -
  13. Kendra Dandy (@theebouffants) -
  14. EH Sherman Art (@ellen_the_lemo_) -_
  15. Sam Malpass (@badwaycreative) -
  16. Maja Dlugolecki (@maijkah) -
  17. Nicholas Wilton (@art2life_world) -
  18. Sarah Delaney (@sarahdelaneyart) -
  19. Shae / SHE IS THIS (@sheisthisdesigns) -
  20. Dorcas Magbadelo (@dorcascreates) -
  21. Ciara LeRoy (@prettystragedesign) -
  22. Melarie Odelusi (@melarieodelusi) -
  23. Mlle Belamour (@mllebelamour) -
  24. Courtney Burden (@myfriendcourt) -

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