Alcohol brand strikes a chord with music fans.  

Unique affinity engine identifies musicAL Talent and measures fan conversion.

A major alcohol beverage company sought to establish credibility in the music space and wanted to discover relevant content creators to produce photos & videos from a series of concerts.  In addition to qualifying creators with Tagger-enhanced data, the brand partnered with Tagger on a special project to measure its social follower attribution from the campaign.  The creators generated more than twice as many engagements as comparable campaigns in the brand’s industry, showing that the audience truly cared for the content and felt the impact of the partnership. 

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Athletic apparel brand enhances social content.

Data-driven Creator sourcing results in outstanding engagement.

An athletic apparel brand wanted to engage with various running communities across the U.S through a content marketing campaign.  The brand utilized Tagger Media’s discovery tool to source creators who had an affinity to the brand, audience demographic similarity with the brand, and had a history of earning above-average engagement when mentioning athletic apparel brands.  Not only did the brand achieve 22% higher than average content engagement, but it repurposed some of the content in paid social campaigns.

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Fashion brand scales creator marketing.

Comprehensive technology expedites campaign launch by six weeks.

A major luxury fashion brand wanted to scale a content marketing program by initiate relationships with hundreds of creators efficiently.  Using Tagger’s Affinity Engine, the brand identified more than 6K candidates based on location, brand affinity and content compatibility. Tagger Media’s campaign management tool streamlined the creator approval process, automatically pulled in the campaign posts real-time, and surfaced KPIs that mattered most to the brand.  The improved efficiency in sourcing partners and management reduced time to launch by six weeks. Of the sourced candidates, the brand approved the 70% compared to 25% seen with previous methods.

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Wellness brand engages local advocates.

Location technology identifies local audiences in wellness space inclined to engage.

A growing wellness company wanted to increase local awareness about the opening of a new studio location.  Using geo-location filters, the brand quickly narrowed down the list of candidates and then applied advanced filters for content topics and quality.  All activated advocates were invited to the studio to create their campaign content.  The creators’ campaign content appealed to their audiences more than usual (exceeding benchmarks) and coincided with a +40% growth of the brand’s Instagram follower count during the time of the campaign.

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