How To Craft a Rock-Solid Influencer Contract

Pat Killoren

01 Sep 2001 · 4 min read


Let’s say that by some stroke of unbelievable luck, you just booked Selena Gomez for your upcoming Instagram campaign. We bet you’d put a ton of time and care into any contract that would go in front of her team, to help the campaign avoid pitfalls and run as smoothly as possible, maximizing your investment in such a powerhouse influencer.

Well, we’re here to tell you that you should put just as much time and care as you would for Selena Gomez into every contract for every creator partnership you strike. If you don’t, you’re doing yourself a disservice by whiffing on a fundamental piece of the process that leads to successful influencer campaigns.

Contracts are nothing new to big-budget influencer marketing partnerships, but in the last two years, an equal level of sophistication is emerging within the micro-influencer tier. These days, creators with as few as 25,000 followers employ managers and agencies to facilitate their brand partnerships. And this is actually a win-win: both the brand and the influencer benefit from clear communication of expectations, which can be the difference between a creator campaign that moves the needle and one that ends in a messy lawsuit.

It’s important when proposing a deal to an influencer to have all the details mapped out, so that they have a clear picture of all requirements before agreeing to the partnership—and so that you get your money’s worth from what they produce. The items below represent many of the subjects that will arise during negotiation discussions, with our informed advice about how to navigate the process and get out ahead of any snafus.

Content Requirements

Campaign Overview


Payment Amount & Terms

Content Duration

FTC Disclosure

Usage Rights

Content Ownership & Use of Likeness

Link Requirements

Review Process

Miscellaneous and Custom Items

As both brands and creators become more savvy and sophisticated in terms of campaigns and partnerships, contracts only become more essential. We strongly recommend creating a templated document specific to your brand to serve as a guide for influencer contract development. And, as always, things change quickly in the digital marketing space, so check back on your guide at regular intervals and update it as necessary.

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