How Social Media Marketers Can Leverage Fashion Week All Year

Diogo Fellippelli

03 Sep 2019 · 2 min read


The world is watching the style section as the biggest names in couture and the new kids on the runway strut their stuff this month for Fashion Week. But it’s about way more than just watching the design houses’ runway shows. More than ever people are watching the runways of the streets, and that means big opportunities for influencer marketing.

But Fashion Week’s influence on social media and content marketing extends far beyond a handful of days in September. Influencers from all over the globe use #FashionWeek as an opportunity to batch-create engaging content for months on end, sometimes for the entire year.

The influx of “street style” content gives influencers a unique stage to express themselves, often honing in on their unique audience’s likes and dislikes even further. It’s also an excellent time for micro-influencers with smaller follower counts to gain wider visibility among their target audience and make a name for themselves by sharing original content in a sea of “the usual suspects”.

So, how can brands, agencies, and influencers leverage fashion week buzz all year round? By paying attention to, and tracking, audience data.

Plan ahead by following relevant hashtags and using search filters on your Instagram marketing platform.

Knowing beforehand what kind of data spikes you’re watching for puts you ahead of the competition, and, in this case literally ahead of the trends.

It’s also worth noting you don’t have to be a fashion brand to glean a ton of relevant information from social media listening during fashion week. Use search filters to watch for new stars in your target audience’s niche, then take note of them for future campaign collaborations.

Pay attention to the audience, not just the influencer.

Who are they talking about? What posts are they saving in their archives? Are they using Instagram as their point-of-purchase for shoppable posts or are they clicking through to blogs?

Audience behavior during a busy time like fashion week can be a great indicator of what’s working to get people to engage on social media.

Take note of what kind of content rises above the noise.

There are more people on social media during Fashion week because it’s the only way to view all the different events that are happening at once, in real-time. But more than just looking at the fashion industry, it’s a concentrated period where more users are seeking out relevant content to engage with. Self-proclaimed fashionistas will be actively looking for new people to follow as well as archiving trends for the rest of the year, so watch what kind of content gets their attention.

Leverage the “see now, buy now” business model.

Instagram has made it easier than ever for brands and influencers to take advantage of shoppable posts. Brands can leverage influencer content created during fashion week for users to shop posts relevant to them all year long. You can use filters to find and connect with influencers who already have an affinity for your brand, then re-purpose their fashion week content as a shoppable post for months to come.


Fashion week isn’t just about clothes: it’s an excellent time for brands to use social listening with an influencer marketing platform to do some serious R&D about their target audience. If you pay more attention to audience behavior than to the content itself, you’ll have a recipe for how to reach your target demographic all year long.

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