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Found us through Front Office Sports? Meet Tagger!

Tagger is the end-to-end influencer marketing and social listening platform that lets you search for, connect with, manage, and pay creators all around the globe!

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Found us through Front Office Sports? Meet Tagger! Illustration Found us through Front Office Sports? Meet Tagger! Illustration
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The Complete Guide to Influencer Marketing, for Marketers

The Complete Guide to Influencer Marketing, for Marketers Image

In today's digital age, there's no doubt that influencer marketing is the future of advertising. Consumers have already actively chosen to follow their favorite creators online, often developing years-long relationships with them and becoming true fans of their content.

The key reason that influencer marketing is so effective - and that often gets lost in discussions about the industry - is the elusive factor of influence. When brands partner with online creators they are taking a shortcut to their target audience's trust by aligning with an influencer the already know, like, and engage with. This is the core reason influencer marketing drives higher ROI than almost any other type of advertising.

Whether you're a seasoned marketer who's already been running creator campaigns for years, or you're new to the influencer marketing industry and need some guidance on best practices, we've put together this list of our top-rated content that breaks down our most frequently asked questions and most popular blogs.

The Four Essential Steps of Every Influencer Marketing Campaign

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This video series breaks down the four essential steps of every single creator campaign from end to end. Those four steps are:

  1. Plan & Strategize
  2. Search & Discover
  3. Connect & Manage
  4. Measure & Report

If you're new to influencer marketing or want a refresher on how to build a solid campaign that's based on strategy (not guesswork and outdated spreadsheets), then watch the full playlist of all four videos on Tagger's YouTube channel here.

How Much Do Influencers Actually Cost?

One of the most frequently asked questions we get at Tagger surrounds how much brands should be paying influencers for their services. It’s a delicate question with a complicated answer, so we thought we’d break down a few key elements that will help you decide how much you should be paying creators to promote your brand on social media.

In this post we break down everything brands and agencies should consider when deciding on rates: Influencer’s audience size + Engagement Rate + track record + time and effort required to produce content + length of partnership + proposed budget...

Read the full post here to go through these elements one by one and show how they can help you determine fair payment.

What is EMV (Earned Media Value) and How Do You Calculate It?

Earned Media Value is a metric used by marketers to measure the success of their PR and earned media efforts. While it can be illuminating in helping marketers understand the monetary value of digital word of mouth, it’s a metric that takes some nuance to calculate.

Earned media is any content that mentions your brand that was not paid for or promoted through advertising and did not come from your own media channel. In simple terms, your digital word of mouth was earned, not bought.

Earned Media Value, or EMV, is a means to assign a dollar value to the various actions associated with different social media content types. These actions are then projected to be worth a numerical dollar value to your business.

To see exactly how to calculate EMV for your campaign and take a deeper dive into assigning a dollar amount to your ROI, read the full post here.

Understanding Analytics: The difference between Impressions, Reach, and Engagement

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If you work in Influencer Marketing, or if you use social media to promote your brand (i.e. pretty much everyone in business), you hear the terms “engagement”, “reach”, and “impressions” on a daily basis. But what exactly do those terms mean and, more importantly, how do they affect the success of an Influencer Marketing campaign?

In this article (which includes the above video!) we’re going to cut through the social media industry jargon and explain clearly and effectively what each of the terms “engagement”, “reach”, and “impressions” mean, and how each of them affects your campaign ROI.

What exactly are Cookies, and How Are Privacy Laws Changing the Way We Market?

As Google and Apple change their privacy settings, marketers are learning how to respond to the updated digital advertising landscape. These changes have big implications for the future of online marketing and we’re here to help break down the basics and shed some light on how marketers can best respond.

In this article, our Director of Performance Marketing is breaking it all down; from what a cookie is, to how they're changing, and how new privacy restrictions mean influencers are (still) your best bet!

The 5 KPIs Every Marketer Should Set to Track Before Hiring Influencers

Influencer marketing has long been praised as the marketing channel with the highest ROI (11x higher than traditional marketing, to be exact). As the market continues to shift away from traditional retail and more towards direct-to-consumer and e-commerce models, ROI is about so much more than just sales.

Using today’s advanced consumer data tracking technology, brands and agencies are able to accurately and specifically measure important KPI’s that give a much more granular picture of campaign success.

This article covers the 5 Essential KPIs every single marketer should set ahead of time before contracting with creators.

What's the Difference Between marketing ROI and ROAS? How To Measure Both

Measuring the success of your influencer marketing campaigns can happen in many different ways, and yet it’s one part of the process that many marketers struggle with.

There are many extremely valuable results of influencer partnerships that don’t naturally lend themselves to numerical data measurement; word of mouth, establishing brand values, thought leadership, share of market voice, and brand awareness, to name a few. But when it comes to measuring the value of influencer partnerships compared to the rest of your marketing spend, it’s actually easier than you think!

In this blog, we’re going to be exploring the differences between two popular ways to measure the success of an influencer marketing or social media marketing campaign: ROI, or “Return on Investment”, and ROAS, or “Return on Ad Spend”.

What's a "Good" Engagement Rate?

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"OK, but for real: what's a "good" engagement rate?" This is easily one of our most frequently asked questions, and we're giving you our honest answer in this video! It comes down to a few factors: content health, category benchmarks, and influencer tier. Here's exactly how to determine whether an influencer has a "good" engagement rate so you can make an informed decision on whether to partner with them.

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