Tagger Pay

Let us handle the influencer payment process for you.

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Streamline your influencer payments through a safe and compliant digital wallet, all handled by Tagger. No more messing with “work for hire” documents, or invoices.

Fast, Easy & Reliable Influencer Payments

Brands and agencies can use Tagger Pay to reimburse creators immediately via a secure digital wallet, all handled by Tagger.

Easy Influencer Payments via Secure Digital Wallet

Simply add your budget to Tagger Pay then compensate creators electronically using a single, streamlined dashboard that sends payments directly to their digital wallets.

Automatically Generated Tax Documents

Tagger Pay automatically generates necessary tax documents & distributes them back to you & your influencer partners in a fully permissible & tax compliant way.

Establish Trust with Pre-Paid Partnerships

Prepay all influencer fees through a single one-time payment and avoid the need to cut individual checks that require lengthy payment terms. Influencers can choose to take payment immediately upon campaign completion at no added cost to you.

Real-Time Payment Status

Influencers can track the status of their campaign payments in real time through the dashboard. They’ll have visibility into whether a transaction has been paid, not paid, or is in process. All helping you establish trust & transparency.

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