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Social Listening with 'Signals'

Meet Signals, Tagger’s Social Listening platform. Analyze influencers’ content, posts, and profile data to create strategic partnerships and better understand your customers.

Social Listening with 'Signals' Illustration Social Listening with 'Signals' Illustration

Make better investment decisions with Signals - Tagger’s social listening tool that directly measures profile and post data to give you actionable insights about your brand and inform your future campaign strategies.


Identify Untapped Audiences & Markets

Monitor your target audiences across multiple platforms and track conversations that mention your brand. Build more effective influencer marketing strategies backed by real time social data.

Monitor your competition

Track, measure, and understand what your competition is doing online. Gain insights on your competitor’s strategies and see what’s resonating with your target audience.

Monitor your competition Illustration
Who’s talking about your brand? Illustration Monitor keyword performance Illustration

Measure Sponsored vs. Organic content performance

Measure how your media spend & sponsored and organic content performs compared to others in your category.

Measure Sponsored vs. Organic content performance Illustration

Find content that matches your brand

Efficiently browse for creator content that matches the look and feel of your brand.

Find content that matches your brand Illustration

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