Build your Brand Ambassador Program with ‘Sync’

Attract & qualify influencers with customizable landing pages for new ambassador partnerships.

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Create and scale your Brand Ambassador programs with Tagger Sync: seamless & customizable branded landing pages that allow you to attract, qualify, and capture prospective creators for ambassador programs, content collaboration, influencer campaigns & much more.

Easily attract, vet & activate influencers

Welcome to the easiest and most efficient influencer verification process around. Use customizable landing pages to attract, vet, are hire the best creators for your brand.

Build your own branded landing pages

Use Sync’s customizable landing pages to create a seamless extension of your brand’s look, feel, & messaging.

Create your own surveys & questionnaires

Go beyond surface-level social profile data by including unique surveys and forms that fit all your brand needs.

Shareable evergreen links

Easily share and/or link directly your Tagger Sync Page across your communication channels, website, and social.

A seamless funnel of pre-qualified influencers

Sync automatically funnels all qualified creator leads right into your Tagger Discovery experience.

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