Measure with Report Builder

Say Good-Bye To Spreadsheets Say hello to accurate, real-time reporting


Tagger simplifies the reporting process by automatically pulling in creator and campaign data. We analyze the information that matters most to you so you can accurately measure & report ROI.

Make campaign performance monitoring a breeze

Track performance, obtain key insights, measure metrics, & report your ROI all on the Tagger platform. Apply the learnings to your next campaign with the myriad of tools at your fingertips.

  • View detailed traffic performance insights

  • Measure clicks, total new users & more, down to the post-level

  • Pixel solution compatible with all major DSPs

  • Measure conversions created as a direct result of your influencer content

  • Create a pool of new users who can later be retargeted using paid media

Less Questions. More Answers.

Tagger’s campaign reporting gives you the precise data you need.

  • Track and report accurate, real-time results across all platforms.

  • Select the metrics that matter the most for your campaigns.

  • Fully customize your report with our easy-to-use modular interface.

  • Access a wide variety of pre-made report templates or build your own from scratch.

  • Utilize the campaign reporting API to pull raw post-level data from Tagger Campaigns into your own off-platform reporting tools.