Outsmart the competition with Signals

The most robust research and analytics tool on the market.

Learn anything & everything with social intelligence

Analyze social content, post, and profile data to build your marketing strategies. Signals lets you know who’s talking about you (even behind your back).


Signals allows marketers to understand key data points and formulate strategies based on trends in the Creator Community.

  • Research Industry Trends.

  • Confirm Audience Demographic & Psychographic Assumptions

  • Quantify Share of Voice Across Social Channels

  • Establish Achievable Benchmarks

  • Monitor & Report on Campaign Performance in Real-Time

With signals we’re always paying attention

Backed by real time social data, Signals lets you monitor your target audiences across multiple platforms, and track conversations that mention your brand to help you make informed decisions around brand positioning and messaging.

You've got questions Signals has the answers

Want to know where creators are located, what they’re talking about, and on which platforms? Signals has you covered. Plug in nearly any data point you're interested in and Signals will serve up the results and visualize the data for you so it’s easy to understand.

Why Signals

Robust data & analytics

  • Always stay one step ahead. Track, measure, and understand what your competition is doing online, and gain insights into your competitor’s strategies.

  • Cut through the noise and get the data points you need with easy to read visualizations.

  • See influencers who are already talking about your brand.

We take out the guess work so you can see how your content is actually performing

Measure ‘sponsored’ vs. 'organic’ content performance to see how your media spend & sponsored and organic content performs compared to others in your category.

Signals Playbook

Designed for marketers by marketers, Playbooks offer foundational reporting templates that enable you to hit the ground running with your influencer marketing strategy. With just a handful of inputs, quickly generate powerful insights for critical use cases, including:

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Industry Trends

  • Product Share of Voice

  • Affinity based Creator Discovery

  • Topics/Event Relevancy

Use Tagger’s Who, What, Where, When, Why? report as the data-driven framework for building your next influencer marketing campaign.