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Here at Tagger, we’re on a mission to make influencer marketing more effective & accessible to all.

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Seven years in the making

Tagger Media was founded by Tech & Media pioneer Peter Kennedy in 2015, when he identified an opportunity within the exploding social media and influencer space; brands didn’t have the ability to access or analyze the data they needed to make informed business decisions.

And so Tagger was born, allowing brands to aggregate unstructured data across social platforms into a format that was digestible and valuable to marketers.

Fast forward to today

In the years since its founding, Tagger has grown into a disruptive and innovative global SaaS enterprise solution.

Built by a robust team of former and current marketers, Tagger’s product suite is specifically designed to solve the problems that current marketers face when planning and executing campaigns.

On a mission to help brands grow

Tagger’s mission is to provide marketers with the most accurate and valuable social data through a robust platform that maximizes workflow efficiency.

Simply put, our platform allows brands, agencies, and media companies to plan campaigns, search with purpose, connect with and hire influencers, and report what matters most.

Tagger’s global presence

Providing support with offices around the world.

Want to join our growing team?

Tagger's team is comprised of highly motivated experts who are deeply invested in advancing every facet of the influencer marketing industry. Sound like you?