Turn It Up: Forming Creative Collaborations Using Instagram’s Music Features

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Turn It Up: Forming Creative Collaborations Using Instagram’s Music Features

Turn It Up: Forming Creative Collaborations Using Instagram’s Music Features 1500 988 admin

Music to our ears: new music-driven features in Instagram.

The recent release of Instagram’s music features empowers brands and influencers to turn up the engagement; collaborators have a new way to share music experiences and music-enhanced stories for an emotional connection.



Music gives social a new, high fidelity. The low down: the music discovery tool offers a way to seamlessly play high-quality music within Instagram Stories; a perfect venue for a mash-up of creativity. The capability adds value by allowing users’ to reach more followers through their shared love for music while enhancing partnership content.


screenWith a feature like the music sticker, specifically, record labels, music festival sponsors, and radio stations can jump on the opportunity to partner with influencers to create exciting new content.  Instagram’s sticker offers users a chance to easily share music with friends via Stories. The sticker is easily accessed by tapping on the happy face logo in the top right corner after taking the photo or video. Users can search for a specific song or can choose from top songs to create a new context and amplify their story.

For brands, the music feature opens up an array of possibilities to improve creative collaborations.  Previously, adding music to an Instagram Story meant creating in another app and uploading to Instagram, or playing music on a creator’s phone while recording. With influencers access to music, they can create more engaging and high-quality Stories.



Music makes dancing partners out of brands and influencers and enables new types of collaborations.

Record labels, music festivals, radio stations, and concert promoters (among other brands) have an opportunity to maximize this update to benefit their brand by building relationships with influencers in their niche:



A record label can work with music bloggers to promote upcoming releases. The influencer can post a series of Instagram Stories with the artist’s single playing, talk about how much they enjoy it, and direct their followers to check out the full album on its release date.

The direct promotion creates more distribution for the track, increases awareness and provokes more plays on platforms like iTunes, Tidal, and Spotify; the artist benefits greatly through their influencer fans. If the influencer has over 10,000 followers, they can use the swipe up feature with a trackable URL to direct followers to a page to buy the album, merchandise, or concert tickets.



Music festivals have an opportune way to promote their headliners and up-and-coming artists. By forming partnerships with influencers, the festival and its sponsors can promote featured playlists on a chosen music platform, ideally curated by the influencer for added follower buy-in.

Creating collaborations with multiple influencers can expand the sponsor’s reach, as long as the right influencers are chosen and campaigns are coordinated well.  A playlist featuring songs from festival artists can run in the months leading up to the festival to create a buzz for that sponsor.

How it works: Each influencer will use this feature to share a clip of a song on the featured playlist, then link to the playlist itself via the swipe up feature.



Promoters can leverage influencers to post upcoming shows; using discovery tools to filter to niche audiences, the promoter can target a specific audience for every stop of an entire tour.  Influencers could post a series of Stories leading up to ticket sales and the event while the promoter or station can allocate a number of tickets for giveaways with the influencer to amplify buzz.


Music adds a new energy to influencer and brand relationships and a new connection with followers.  We have tuned in to some of the clear uses of Instagram’s new music discovery tools but we anticipate that the creators and the brand creatives will identify ways to mash-up the tools. To that we say: get louder.