We started by listening to music and now we’re listening to social.


We started by listening to music and now we’re listening to social.

We started by listening to music and now we’re listening to social. 1290 1290 admin

Heralding from the music business, we were mining social channels for industry insights to apply back into it – searching for canaries, seeking new rotations and scrubbing for trends before they became one.

We stitched basic off-the-shelf market solutions with a few lines of code and some spreadsheets to track our interests until we realized that we could build it – a complete end to end content management platform.  So, we did. And, at the same time, we began classifying and graphing 80B followers and their affinities, too.

And then we got a big gig: to discover a highly unique artist-specific audience for a major telecommunications company to engage.  Using our mapped data, we identified unique profile segments with higher affinities to the artist, a propensity to engage and a geography opportunistic to the event.  Because the data was built into the content and campaign management platform, we were able to swiftly architect outreach and deliver audience.  Literally.  Our gig helped them sell out theirs.

We knew that what we did for bands, we could do for brands, uniquely.  And, that’s music to our ears: to hone social listening and effectively increase the volume of branded content marketing.

We are Tagger. With us, brands, agencies and media companies maximize their social relevance by working with unique, creative content partners efficiently in an efficient workflow. Architected as a SaaS solution, Tagger is intelligently social: built with enhanced data to hone social listening and broaden profile discovery for efficient and complete content campaign management and measurement. Tagger’s proprietary Affinity Engine empowers access to and advanced filters for 1M+ digital profiles and 80B uniquely  mapped social accounts.

That is our jam.