Hit the Ground Running with Signals Playbooks

Designed for marketers by marketers, Signals Playbooks offer sophisticated reporting templates enabling you to build an influencer marketing strategy backed by data on day one. With just a handful of inputs, quickly generate powerful insights for critical use cases, including competitor analysis, industry trends, product share of voice and event discovery.


Melanie Ramirez - Digital Account Executive, Allison + Partners

Tagger completely transformed and up-levelled how I manage my influencer and social campaigns. From influencer identification to content management to measuring success in data – my success in campaign execution from A-Z has been outstanding thanks to Tagger.

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Smart Influencer Marketing Starts with Signals

Build an Influencer Strategy With a Data-Powered Foundation

Leverage social data and analytics to empower your influencer marketing campaign strategy. Develop precise audience targeting, content optimisation and ROI measurement. By harnessing insights, brands can create data-driven strategies for effective collaborations, ensuring maximum impact and engagement. Drive success with informed decisions in the dynamic world of influencer marketing.

Keep a Pulse on Relevant Industry Conversations

Backed by real-time social data, Signals lets you monitor your target audiences across multiple platforms, and track conversations that mention your brand to help you make informed decisions around brand positioning and messaging.

Track and Monitor Key Competitors

Always stay one step ahead. Track, measure and understand what your competition is doing online, and gain insights into your competitor’s strategies. Capture what has and hasn’t been successful and learn from their failures to optimise your next influencer marketing campaign.

Adopt the 5Ws Campaign Framework

Unlock the power of the “Who, What, Where, When, Why?” Signals report, a data-driven framework for crafting your next influencer marketing campaign. Gain valuable insights into your audience, content strategy, location targeting, timing and campaign objectives. Let data steer your success with intelligent influencer marketing.


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