Incorporate Social Intelligence Into Your Next Pitch

Stay pitch-ready anytime, anywhere. From influencer and creator discovery to developing full campaign strategies, Tagger’s white-labelled reporting offers sleek templates to make communicating impactful insights to your team or clients quick and easy. Seamlessly export critical Signals data into clear, concise and professional PDFs tailored for clients or leadership pitches.

Take your campaign creative briefs to the next level with a profound understanding of influencer audience dynamics and predilections. Our platform’s extensive dataset ensures that every brief you draft is both relevant and impactful. By tapping into these insights, you can tailor your requirements, ensuring a symbiotic relationship between the brand’s objectives and the influencer’s strengths.


Unlock business opportunities with Signals Playbooks

Uncovering the next lucrative business opportunity just got easier with our Signals 5W’s Playbook (Who, what, where, when, why). Become an expert in the nuances of social conversations across any industry with just a few query inputs, where opportunities in trending topics or sentiments, social platform white space, optimal timeliness and geographical epicentres become clear.

The 5W’s Playbook generates a massive report of compelling insights, unlocking a data-powered framework for crafting your next digital marketing strategy. Gain valuable insights into your audience, content strategy, location targeting, timing and campaign objectives. Let data steer your success with intelligent digital marketing.


Gain a Competitive Edge with Social Intelligence

Stay ahead of the competition with unmatched insights into industry patterns, performance metrics and audience behaviour. Capitalise on key data trends to drive persuasive and informed pitches.

Harness the power of Signals, Tagger’s social intelligence engine, to understand social conversations relevant to your brand and pertinent to developing effective business strategies and partnerships. Signals provides all the data your team needs to:

  • Research industry trends
  • Access competitor performance metrics
  • Discover whitespace and partnership opportunities
  • Quantify share of voice across social channels
  • Confirm audience demographic & psychographic assumptions


Optimise growth at scale with Affinity

Need to scale your next digital marketing campaign? Leverage our Affinity engine to generate lists of influencers with a likeness to the ambassadors already working well for your brand. Powered by machine learning,the Affinity Engine zeroes in on individuals sharing a strong mutual connection in interests, audiences and performance. By analysing cross-platform profile correlations, it guarantees influencers you can leverage to scale your next campaign.

The Affinity engine is a proprietary algorithm that uses machine learning and audience psychographics to determine the correlation, or similarity, between thousands of profiles across social platforms. It then compounds post-level signals and attributes to identify influencers and brands with strong alignment. Affinity works across key social platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Twitch to pull global data points that increase accuracy.


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