Evaluate Content Impact

Within each unique brand or influencer profile lives the Content Health dashboard. This dashboard offers AI-generated insights for each influencer’s historical performance metrics. Assess engagement based on social platform, content type, or specific metrics to streamline decision-making and enhance your campaign outcomes.

  • Directly compare the historic performance of any influencer’s content to the average performance of similar influencers across social platforms
  • Understand which influencers are the best fit for your brand or campaign based on social platform, content type, industry or engagement
  • Utilise creative content insights to infer what types of content are likely to perform best for your target audience and better inform creative direction for your influencer partners


Streamline Campaign Optimisation with the Affinity Engine

Need more of what’s already working? Leverage our Affinity engine to generate lists of influencers with a likeness to the ambassadors already working well for your brand. Powered by machine learning, the Affinity Engine zeroes in on individuals sharing a strong mutual connection in interests, audiences and performance. By analysing cross-platform profile correlations, it guarantees influencers you can leverage to scale your next campaign.

How does the Affinity Engine work? It is a proprietary algorithm that uses machine learning and audience psychographics to determine the correlation or similarity between thousands of profiles across social platforms. It then compounds post-level signals and attributes to identify influencers and brands with strong alignment. This helps ensure that the influencers you select have an audience with interests aligned with your brand. Affinity  works across key social platforms, such as Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Twitch, to pull global data points that increase accuracy.


Effective Influencer Campaign Performance Reporting

Your time is valuable, and collecting pertinent data to determine the success of your influencer campaigns can be tedious and time-consuming. With Campaign Summary, you can automatically capture all relevant social data as defined by the parameters you have set for your campaign. Analyse and report on your campaign’s impact. Visualise your campaign metrics in real time, refining your strategy with each insight.

Need to share campaign results with a larger group? Leverage Report Builder, a library of sleek report design templates or create your own for the customised needs of your organisation.


Enhanced Link Tracking: UTM & Pixel

Deep dive into your data, linking campaign performance with tools like Google Analytics. Convert influencer content into actionable insights. Obtain full-funnel performance insights by appending UTM parameters and platform pixels to links using Tagger’s link-tracking tools.

Pull key performance insights into your analytics tools such as Google Analytics and create audience retargeting pools in Facebook Ads Manager, Google Ads and more:

  • View detailed traffic performance insights further into your sales funnel
  • Understand your influencer campaign’s impact down to the post-level by measuring clicks, total new users and more
  • Measure conversions created as a direct result of your influencer campaigns
  • Create a pool of new users who can be retargeted through your paid media channels
  • Pixel solution compatible with all major DSPs


Unwavering Commitment to Ethical Data Sourcing

Position your brand at the forefront of social data best practices with data sourced through formal API partnerships, ensuring the integrity and reliability of every decision-making insight. Tagger takes it to another level entirely by tracking over 11+ billion social conversations and producing massive amounts of data that brands and agencies can index, analyse and search with assurance that their data is compliant with global privacy laws, including GDPR and CCPA.

Brands should avoid alternative data sourcing, known as data scraping, due to legal risks, ethical concerns and potential damage to reputation. Unauthorised scraping can lead to legal disputes and privacy breaches, eroding trust and credibility. Relying on scraped data may also result in inaccuracies, security vulnerabilities and limited insights, putting your brand at a competitive disadvantage. Prioritising ethical and legal data acquisition methods ensures long-term sustainability and consumer trust.


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